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Marketing June 6, 2014

22 SEO Resources for Any Skill Level

No matter how many blogs you’ve read, how many social media campaigns you’ve executed, or how many times you’ve explained the term “search engine optimization” to a client or co-worker, there’s something new to learn about SEO everyday. It’s like watching a kaleidoscope: It’s always changing and there’s always something new to marvel at.

Sometimes the breadth of SEO research, theories, and case studies can seem overwhelming; but really, you just need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Specifically, weeding out the experts from the blatherers. If you’re looking for excellent SEO insights, take a look at these 22 expert resources and get ready to learn something new.

1. MOZ Blog

MOZ Blog SEO Resources - Moblized

Ten-year-old MOZ sells inbound marketing analytics software and its blog is a can’t-miss for anyone who works with SEO. You won’t find any mundane or low-level advice here. It’s packed with smart guides and interesting case studies. Plus, it’s written with personality, which makes the complex easy to digest. MOZ Pro, the paid service, also provides some great tools.

Don’t miss these essential entries:

2. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools SEO Resources - Moblized

Just as you wouldn’t go to a formal dinner without knowing which fork to use for the salad, you shouldn’t dabble in SEO without knowing how Google wants you to behave. This provides a basic rundown on proper Google search etiquette.

Make sure you learn about:

3. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking SEO Resources - Moblized

This site offers a wealth of resources, including competitor analysis, rankings, connections to social networks and keyword research. The desktop software interfaces with Google Analytics, too.

The Advanced Web Ranking blog is a good read as well, offering tips on:

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs SEO Resources - Moblized

Ahrefs (name derived from the html link call) dubs itself a “site explorer and backlink checker”, which it claims is updated every 15 minutes. It can be hugely helpful for doing research on your own site, a site you want to guest post on or a competitor’s site. While you can use it for free, accessing the more advanced features will cost a monthly fee.

Tools available include:

  • SEO reports
  • Backlinks reports
  • Domain comparison
  • Batch analysis

5. RJMetrics

RJMetrics SEO Resources - Moblized

Google Analytics is great, of course, but if you want to get even more granular data, explore RJ Metrics. It analyzes your website and offers suggestions for how to grow based on what it finds. Plus it has a plethora of white papers, webinars, and other research from which you can reference.

Resources include:

6. A Better Lemonade Stand Blog

A Better Lemonade Stand Blog SEO Resources - Moblized

Let’s face it, this one’s worth reading for the name alone. This eCommerce advice site has a vast amount of information that’s helpful for SEO personnel, including: features on branding, infographics, resources, and marketing strategy.

Blog posts optimizers will find helpful:

7. Webmaster World

Webmaster World SEO Resources - Moblized

This is one of the oldest forums on the Web for optimizers and webmasters and let’s be honest, its web design confirms its age. However, don’t be fooled by the retro layout; this site has a terrific mix of news, gritty coding and presentation resources, and information for mobile. Don’t neglect their array of forums either.

These forums are particularly useful:

8. RazorSocial

RazorSocial SEO Resources - Moblized

RazorSocial offers advice on social media tools and technology and its blog provides valuable how-to advice for both budding and serial entrepreneurs. It goes beyond entry-level ideas to really explore, in depth, how to use certain sites or products.

Check out these guides:

9. SEO Resources - Moblized

This curated list of SEO articles was created to foster discussion among marketers about SEO and SEO tactics. Think of it as the marketing and SEO version of Digg or Reddit. You can sort through the list by the latest news, trending topics, most discussed, or all-time most read. No matter how you search, you are always getting a first-hand look at what other search engine optimizers are interested in.

The site has some impressive names behind it, including MOZ’s Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot.

Great reads include:

10. Quora’s SEO section

Quora SEO Resources - Moblized

You will have to sign up to access this site, but that small invasion of privacy is worth it. Here you can ask questions about whatever you want in the SEO world and read the answers that others point you towards. It’s a great way of expanding your thought process and knowledge base, as everyone’s go-to answers and resources are different.

You may also want to try these Quora sections for SEO feedback as well:

11. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land SEO Resources - Moblized

This site is one of the best ways to keep up with what’s happening in the ever-changing search engine landscape. It features a nice balance between news (such as developments with AdWords) and analysis (such as an exploration of Google’s spam-busting efforts).

Some regular columns covering a variety of SEO topics include:

12. QuickSprout Blog

QuickSprout SEO Resources - Moblized

Neil Patel, who co-founded Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics, is behind this entertaining blog that explores all manner of SEO tactics. Since Patel has the hands-on experience people are looking for, he can offer detailed case studies that explain which traffic-boosting tactics do and don’t work.

Don’t miss his take on:

13. SEO Book

SEO Book SEO Resources - Moblized

Aaron Wall’s superlative SEO blog offers sharp observations and critiques of SEO tactics and of the industry itself. He combines his strong power of observation with a willingness to engage topics that you won’t find on other SEO blogs, such as a recent post on Google Helpouts.

Get visual advice with SEO Book’s YouTube channel , which is very active and has videos on a variety of topics.

Here are some videos to start with:

14. SiteProNews

SiteProNews SEO Resources - Moblized

Another news-focused site aimed at those who optimize, SiteProNews provides insights into the latest developments in marketing, technology, and search engines. There’s a very, very wide variety of information; you may jump from a story on childproofing a tablet to one about the NSA’s encryption service. Whether you’re building a solid knowledge base or looking for more in-depth research and case studies, all of these articles are valuable.

Be sure to see:

15. Agent Blackhat

Agent Blackhat SEO Resources - Moblized

No, this is not an endorsement of the techniques explored on this blog, which are the sort of unethical approaches that can land your site at the bottom of Google SERPs if caught. However, it is good to keep up with what’s going on in the world of black hat SEO. It really is simply a matter of professional awareness, and this blog will give you the lowdown on the current illicit trends.

Note: While you’ll want to avoid employing these tactics, you can learn quite a bit about SEO theory, strategy, and creative thinking from posts such as these:

16. WebpageFX’s Marketing Guidelines

WebpageFX SEO Resources - Moblized

This SEO company has an extensive number of downloads aimed at helping people increase their Web page traffic and learn more about web marketing. These references are something you can come back to again and again to answer your questions.

Of note:

17. Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast Wordpress SEO Resources - Moblized

Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in has a cult-like following of devotees who are enamored with how it continues to evolve and improve with the ever-changing search optimization field. The page is helpful for learning more about how to use the plug-in of course, but it also provides suggestions for how to make it more effective.

Take a look at:

18. The Short Cutts

The Short Cutts SEO Resources - Moblized

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam, is a legendary figure among those who follow SEO closely. Many look to him for policy setting in the world of search engine optimization. If Cutts says it’s OK, then it’s OK; if he says it’s taboo, better hope you aren’t doing it. It’s important to keep up with Cutts’ thoughts on SEO topics to ensure your site is following Google’s rules; this site compiles brief summaries of every one of Cutts’ videos.

Bonus points for having a sense of humor and filing them by the color shirt he’s wearing.

Must-watch videos include:

  • What are myths about SEO?
  • What could the Webspam team have done better?
  • Will backlinks lose their importance in ranking?

19. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner SEO Resources - Moblized

This site blends news and opinion as well as a large number of helpful how-to guides. It also has free, downloadable reports about countless hot SEO topics. SME’s podcasts are interesting and original, and are of a quality that transcends paradigm shifts in the industry.

Three must-listen podcasts:

20. 2 Create a Website

2 Create a Website SEO Resources - Moblized

Lisa Irby’s personable, pointed YouTube channel is a great place to find video breakdowns of the latest issues in search engine optimization. She has solid basic information, but also offers more in-depth discussions about Google punishments and other controversies.

Videos worth watching:

21. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch SEO Resources - Moblized

An expansive site that provides the latest updates on SEO as well as video, mobile, social and other online areas, Search Engine Watch is a great place to get lost for a few hours. You’ll find article after article that you’ll want to save to Evernote for later. Get articles on topics such as maximizing local search success or discussions about “organic” social media.

Try out:

22. SEOChat

SEOChat SEO Resources - Moblized

Sometimes you just want to talk with someone who has experienced the same problems or came up with the same solutions that you have in your SEO dealings. The forums at SEOChat are a great place to pick other peoples’ brains and perhaps spark brainstorming within your own.

Recent topics include:

  • How best to do SEO for a "Yelp" like site?
  • Remove low-quality backlinks
  • Panda Hit? Loss of rankings

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