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20 Flexible Yoga Studio Resources

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Running a successful yoga studio takes more effort than many people expect. Creating a business plan, marketing your studio, networking with fellow yogis, maintaining a schedule, and growing your client base are just some of the many areas you will need to balance to be successful.

If you’re a practitioner with the idea of opening your own studio, or have recently opened one and want expert advice, these 21 “flexible” resources are sure to have you and your colleagues saying “Om”.

1. Live Plan

“The global leader in business planning and tracking”

LivePlan Business Plan Review - Moblized

Creating a business plan for your new yoga studio is easy thanks to Live Plan, which allows you to put together your financial projections without having to go anywhere near a spreadsheet. The software’s forecasting tools will help you to create a bulletproof plan.

Key features and highlights include:

  • Expert guidance during each step of the plan creation process
  • The ability to track your progress and see exactly how your business is doing

Use the software to:

  • Create your studio pitch on a single page
  • Enjoy access to your plan whether in the studio, at home, making an event appearance, etc.

2. Yoga Direct

“Quality Yoga Equipment Shipped Direct”

YogaDirect Yoga Supplies Review - Moblized

Part of any successful practice is filling it with and replacing supplies. Yoga Direct offers great deals on yoga supplies for studios and features top brands as well as wholesale items. Items include yoga mats, blocks, mat cleaners and sprays, meditation cushions, and much more.

Site features include:

  • Full line of eco-friendly products
  • Buy One Get One Free deals
  • Direct shipping of course

Some ways to utilize this online store include:

  • Custom printing -- stamp your studio name on mats, bags, blocks, canteens and shirts
  • Using the blog for articles and tips to help you manage your classes

3. Thismoment

“Be your own brand DJ”

Thismoment Social Content Aggregation Review - Moblized

Thismoment is a content cloud platform built “for customers, by customers” that allows you to easily manage all of your content in one place. Curate blog posts, news stories, images and videos from sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to give you and anyone else who uses Thismoment to engage your network with custom content, from anywhere. 

Some of the platform’s features include:

  • Finding, managing and repurposing the best content across all channels
  • Driving conversions through content

Some ways to use the service:

  • Drive studio event sponsorship and engagement via live-streaming and frequent posts
  • Instantly create and publish content optimized for every mobile device

4. George Watts Yoga

“Yoga Lesson Planning and Marketing Tips”

George Watts Yoga Tips and Advice Review - Moblized

Lesson planning and marketing are vital parts of running a studio, something the George Watts Yoga blog addresses. Find planning tips and a wealth of other useful information for operating a successful studio.

Key features and highlights include:

  • Free yoga plan templates
  • Yoga marketing tips

Use the blog to learn about:

  • How to get your yoga DVD on Amazon
  • Yoga instructor insurance advice

5. Kabbage

“Working Capital at your Fingertips”

Kabbage Business Funding Overview - Moblized

Need help purchasing expensive supplies or funding to renovate your studio space? Kabbage is an app that offers access to fast and flexible funding with cash advances between $500 and $50,000 available in 7 minutes or less. You must be in business for at least one year with a minimum of $2,500 in monthly sales to qualify but don’t fret, Kabbage reviews “real-life data” and not just your credit score when considering your funding.

Features include:

  • No hidden costs or early payments
  • Loan estimator and payment schedule options

Use Kabbage to enjoy:

  • Ongoing access to cash for projects such as studio expansion, marketing materials, event venue rentals and studio supplies
  • Draw against your loan amount only when you need it – Pay for what you take


“Breathe. Read. Repeat.”

Yoga Journal Yoga Advice Review - Moblized

The Yoga Journal, a print publication, also publishes this invaluable online trove of resources. Updated regularly, here you can find almost any topic in the yoga realm. From basics, to business resources for owners, there is really something for everyone. Their blog also includes tips and tricks from yoga-loving celebrities and is a reliable journalistic resource.

Some posts include:

Use the site to:

Get information on yoga retail for when/if you decide to add a store to your studio

7. Bindo

“How can your retail store sell more?”

Bindo POS Overview - Moblized

The folks behind Bindo market it as the “next-gen iPad POS system for your business” and offer hardware complete with a credit card reader, barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer and iPad stand. If part of your studios revenue include retail or equipment sales, this system will help you sell on and offline.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Analytics generation for optimizing margins
  • Launch entire inventory online in a short amount of time

Use the software to:

  • Create customized loyalty programs using an integrated CRM and complete customer history
  • Effectively manage your retail portion and create a professional storefront

8. Yoga Alliance

“Many paths, one Yoga Alliance”

Yoga Alliance Overview - Moblized

The largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community, Yoga Alliance offers numerous benefits to its registered members. The association is actually a two-in-one in that it’s a public charity as well as a professional and trade association.

Membership features and benefits include:

  • Access to workshops, conferences and other educational events
  • Yoga community forum, where you can chat with other yoga teachers and business owners

Utilize your membership to:

  • Online workshops for additional education needs
  • Increasing student numbers via the association’s membership directory


“The leader in yoga studio software”

MINDBODY Yoga Software Review - Moblized

MINDBODY provides point of sale, online booking, mobile and marketing services so you may easily run your studio without relying on 10 different types of software. Online booking is undoubtedly here to stay, and MINDBODY allows your students to book their next class easily.

Other key features include:

  • Point of Sale -- sell yoga products, workshops, services, memberships, packages and more
  • Client login and profile for easy interaction with your students

Use the software for:

  • Promotion and discount services to attract new clients and maintain good relationships with current ones
  • Tracking services for measuring success and determining budgeting needs

10. Yoga Baron Blog

“Take your yoga business to the next level!”

Yoga Baron Yoga Blog Overview - Moblized

The blog from Yoga Baron offers a number of helpful posts on marketing your yoga studio, attracting more clients, and other topics related to running a successful studio. Updated regularly, this resource answers many questions yoga studio owners find themselves asking.

Use the blog for help with:

11. TULA

“The best software in the world for independent yoga studios”

Tula Yoga Studio Software Overview - Moblized

TULA software allows you to accept payments, handle registrations, and manage your memberships among other tools. It features a payment center where you can view payment history, subscriptions, and incoming payments, as well as a calendar for viewing all upcoming classes and related events.

Additional features include:

  • Keeping track of student attendance and class credits
  • Text messaging to schedule class substitutes

Use TULA to:

  • Add single and repeating classes to your calendar
  • Manage your online store
  • Send updates via text when you are running promotions and if there are scheduling changes

12. Yogi Times

“The business of yoga”

Yogi Times Yoga Blog Overview - Moblized

While this site’s navigation isn’t the greatest, it does provide lots of useful content. Find articles on eclectic yoga topics such as legal and corporate culture

Post topic examples include:

Use the blog to learn about:

13. World Yoga Network

“A yoga site with a difference”

World Yoga Network Yoga Directory Overview - Moblized

Add your studio to World Yoga Network’s directory to make it highly more visible. Prospective students can browse by location if desired; you may also add any upcoming events to the site’s event listings page.

Additional features include:

Some ways to use the site:

  • Submitting articles, a way to market your studio
  • Publish details and services concerning your studio for free

14. PerfectMIND

“Run a yoga studio people love!”

PerfectMIND Yoga Studio Software Review - Moblized

Use PerfectMIND’s cloud-based software to setup your first studio system or upgrade an existing one. Its numerous features are similar to the other software options listed above, as the idea is to increase revenue and create stronger relationships with clients.

Features include:

  • Built-in payment processing to make billing painless for both you and your students
  • Online calendar so students can choose, register and pay for classes

Use PerfectMIND to:

  • Engage with students via your official website, social media pages and email newsletters
  • Send automated emails about reminders, promotions and other special messages

15. LifeTips

“Yoga tips”

LIfeTips Yoga Advice Overview - Moblized

A section of the lifestyle website LifeTips, the Yoga section contains plenty of excellent yoga resources. Channels are dedicated to types of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Bikram, as well as information on yoga benefits and classes, DVDs and much more.

A few channel examples include:

  • Yoga classes and instructor tips
  • Yoga term glossary

Use the site to learn:

  • Pregnancy yoga tips for helping expecting clients
  • Beginner tips for instructing customers new to yoga

16. BizeeBee

“Memberships made easy”

BizeeBee Memberships Software Review - Moblized

Create an account with BizeeBee by sending them your business data to import. Catering to fitness studios and other membership-based businesses, the idea is to make it easy for customers to renew membership while also tracking attendance as well as how much revenue your studio is generating.

Some features include:

  • Online store creation
  • Purchase records

Some ways to use this software include:

  • Track instructor performance
  • Send customers reminders and thank-you’s to maintain loyalty
  • Create memberships to your studio

17. Yoga Class Plan

“Create relevant, effective custom class plans in minutes”

Yoga Class Plan Pose Editor Overview - Moblized

Create yoga class plans in minutes using the software from Yoga Class Plan, which you can choose to print out or use via tablets. Advertised as easy to use, Yoga Class Plan provides access to 1,700 shared plans.

Choose from over 200 pose silhouettes and:

  • Create plans and poses to share with others
  • Drag and drop poses to create new routines
  • Add detailed instruction on positions and movement
  • Assign experience level to each pose

18. Gaiam TV

“Streaming videos to expand your horizons”

GaiamTV Yoga Videos Overview - Moblized

Gaiam TV offers numerous video channels centered on health and spiritual growth, including a yoga and fitness channel. The other channels, while not directly under the yoga heading, may also suit your purposes as a yoga as an instructor and owner. Channels such as those entitled “Seeking Truth” and “Nature and Culture” can help you expand your knowledge and better associate with your congregation.

The Yoga and Fitness channel includes:

  • Videos with expert yoga instructors
  • Introductory yoga videos

Use Gaiam TV to:

  • Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry
  • Encourage students to practice outside of class
  • Expand your own knowledge as a practitioner and owner

19. iGo Yoga & Pilates Management Software

“In harmony with your business”

iGo Yoga & Pilates Management Software Review - Moblized

Advertised as software to keep your studio “strong and focused”, you can choose to utilize the online, web version or install the software on your device. A solid list of features keeps this software on the leading edge of business systems

Some features include:

  • Comprehensive member records
  • Product inventory management and POS sales tracking

Use this software for:

  • Creating class schedules
  • Managing employee time as well as payments

20. My Yoga

“Unlimited access to over 1,000 yoga and wellness videos”

My Yoga Resource Video Overview - Moblized

A small monthly fee gains you unlimited access to My Yoga’s video library and several membership levels are available. Created in 2005, the purpose of My Yoga is to bring the practice, as well as other aspects of holistic living, to everyone, everywhere.

Features include:

  • Practical health and wellness guides
  • Yoga videos for every experience level
  • Professional quality

Use My Yoga to:

  • Learn about meditation and other aspects of wellness to add to your knowledge as a professional
  • Provide resources for students eager to learn more about the practice

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