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Productivity Software March 10, 2015

15 Gmail Productivity Plugins that will Save You Hours

Business owners and their employees can spend a lot of their working days dealing with, sorting through, and replying to emails. Because of the sheer volume that can come through in such a short span of time, many messages are often overlooked or forgotten about. As such, responses are neglected, messages left unread, sorting and sending is rushed, and efficiency is low.

Luckily, there is a growing number of plugins and apps that businesspeople can add to their email accounts to combat these issues and increase the efficiency of their work emails. 

While some of the plugins I'll discuss apply to a range of email clients -- and browsers in some cases – the focus is on how they apply to Gmail and how these plugins can help your business to make the most of this popular platform.

Here are 15 Gmail productivity plugins that will save you hours every day:

1. Yesware

"Want to know what happens after you click send?"

Yesware Screenshot - Moblized


Yesware allows you to track emails that you send, meaning you can see if they have been opened, the time and location where they were opened, on what device and how many times. You can also see which in-email links have been clicked on.

How you might use it

Email tracking is great for sales and outreach people to know if their emails are being read or not. It can help to improve the efficiency of communications, and can be used as a metric to measure the success of email campaigns. Yesware can also be useful internally within a business, as colleagues can gain insight on internal communications.

2. Wisestamp

"Everyone has a signature. What's yours?"

WiseStamp Screenshot - Moblized


Sometimes, email signatures can be quite limited by the default editing options provided by email platforms. This app allows you to easily customise your email signature with little limitation. You can include your choice of fonts, logos, pictures, website links, social sharing icons, RRS feeds and more.

How you might use it

Businesses have to chance to truly customise company-wide email signatures to create uniformity and professionalism, and to really bring the brand and business identity to life. Wisestamp also provides the opportunity for promotion and engagement with site and social media links.

3. Rapportive

"Get Linkedin Profiles Right Inside Gmail"

Rapportive Screenshot - Moblized


Now owned by LinkedIn, this app compiles contact, employment and social information from a number of sites, based on one email address. All you have to do is input an email address, and Rapportive can pull a range of information, including full name, a photograph, location, job, employer, social media accounts and recent updates.

How you might use it

For sales and outreach workers, Rapportive makes it really easy to find alternative details and communication channels with almost no effort. It can also be used to check if email addresses are correct or not.

4. Enhancements for Gmail

"Remove unwanted Gmail features, check for messages, and get desktop notifications"


This add on has a number of features, such as removing ads from Gmail’s user interface, making Gmail the default email app, adding desktop notifications, etc.

How you might use it

Gmail can be used as main email application – meaning no switching back and forth with Outlook – and overall usage is streamlined. These enhancements for Gmail make emailing a more efficient process, and can help to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your emails each day.

5. Email Snooze

"Snooze emails until a later time or date"


This app allows you to ‘snooze’ emails that come into your inbox. Basically, this means that the app reschedules the messages to be ‘resent’ to you at a later time/date. You can also snooze emails that you compose to remind you to follow up, or to remind you if no one has replied to them – so that you don’t forget about the message.

How you might use it

Email Snooze is a really great app for general inbox management, as it allows you to prioritise which emails to read and send first, without low-priority ones getting bumped down and lost in your inbox.

6. Batched Inbox

"We deliver your emails at times you specify, so you can focus on what matters."


Batched Inbox allows you to specify certain times of the day at which you want to receive emails. The app will them intercept and withhold messages coming into your inbox, and send them all in one batch at the time(s) you specified.

How you might use it

A common complaint among businesspeople is the amount of time it takes to deal with emails each day. With Batched Inbox, you are not constantly distracted by emails coming in one by one throughout the day. You can schedule in a set time (or times) in your day to deal with all your emails all at once, meaning you’ll spend less time overall on your messages.

7. Mail Timer

"Timer to keep you focused while processing your inbox in Gmail."


This app times how long you spend dealing with your emails. It allows you two minutes to respond to each message, gives you a warning when you have 30 left, and then moves you along to the next message when your time is up.

How you might use it

The main benefit of Mail Timer is time management, as it can seriously reduce the amount of time you spend on emails, leaving you with more time to work on other things.

8. Key Rocket

"Focus on your work without distracting mouse clicks."


This app displays notifications when you commit an action that could have been done using a keyboard shortcut. The idea is that eventually you learn to use these shortcuts. With this app, it’s worth noting that it works with a number of applications on your computer as well as Gmail.

How you might use it

You don’t have to spend time studying keyboard shortcuts, but you still learn them. This simple change can speed up your working style and save you time.

9. Checker Plus

"The fastest and easiest way to manage multiple Gmail accounts"


Checker Plus allows you to manage multiple accounts on one platform, gives you desktop notifications for all, and lets you read, archive and delete emails without having to open a Gmail window.

How you might use it

You will save a lot of time logging in and out of different accounts, as well as switching between different windows and platforms to manage your emails. The desktop notifications can help to increase your email response time.

10. Active Inbox

"Get things done by turning Gmail into a task manager"


This app transforms your Gmail into a fully-fledged task manager with many features, including a to-do list, the ability to convert emails into actionable tasks, flag emails with statuses, organise emails by project, and more.

How you might use it

Active Inbox can maximise your email organisation and efficiency by making it really simple to convert emails into to-do tasks that are all organised in one place.

11. Boomerang

"Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders."

Boomerang Screenshot - Moblized


Boomerang can help you to control when you send and receive email messages. You can schedule emails to be sent at a later time or date, and ‘boomerang’ incoming messages to come back to you later. It can track your sent emails too, giving you an insight into the effectiveness of your outreach and communications.

How you might use it

This app can help you to manage the amount time you spend checking emails, schedule e-mails to be sent at optimum or peak times, and ensure that low-priority emails aren’t lost or forgotten.

12. Sidekick

"Powerful Contact Insight Right In Your Inbox"

Sidekick Screenshot - Moblized


With Sidekick, you can track emails for opens and link clicks, schedule email to be sent at later times, send email reminders to yourself, get detailed profiles and information about contacts, and more.

How you might use it

Sidekick combines the features of a number of other apps and plugins into one package, and so it combines a lot of the benefits of other apps. You can maximise your emailing efficiency, minimise the amount of time spend on your emails, organise and prioritise emails by importance, view the effectiveness of your communication and outreach efforts, and more.

Cost: Free

13. Cloud Magic

"Award winning email app for iPhone, iPad and Android"

CloudMagic Screenshots - Moblized


While not technically a plugin, Cloud Magic is super useful for gmail users. Like some of the other apps mentioned, Cloud Magic provides a number of features to users. It boosts Gmail’s existing search function by adding features such as offline search, and allowing you to search multiple Google services (mail, docs, calendar, etc) at the same time. 

Cloud Magic also adds quick access functions to email, and enables you to edit multiple messages at same time. You can also set reminders, get push notifications and connect multiple apps (e.g. Evernote, Mailchip etc) to your email account.

How you might use it

An overall boost to the productivity and organisation of your emailing. Cloud Magic differs to other apps because of its offline features, making it particularly useful if you are regularly on the move with no guarantee of a stable internet connection.

14. Scrubly

"Remove duplicate contacts, format address books, and sync social accounts."

Scrubly Screenshot - Moblized


Scrubly organises your email contacts by deleting duplicate contact entries, junk contacts, etc, and sends you a report of the changes it has made.

How you might use it

This app performs a fairly simple function, but can be priceless to those who rely on email for work and have extensive contact books. The effortless contact and address book management that Scrubly provides can also be valuable to marketers who deal with email campaigns and outreach.

15. HelloSign

"Fast, Secure, and Legally Binding eSignatures for Business"

HelloSign Screenshot - Moblized


HelloSign is the app for automatically generated electronic signatures. You will never again have to print off, sign and scan back in documents that need your signature. The app also backs up all documents it signs, adding a level of security for important files.

How you might use it

If your work requires you to sign a lot of documents, HelloSign could save you huge amounts of time, printer ink and paper. It’s very important to remember, though, that all signatures generated by the app are legally binding.

As you can see, there are many excellent Gmail apps that can improve your email efficiency and streamline your daily emailing experience. The above are just a small selection of the apps that are available – there are plenty more that can be used with Gmail.

What are your favourite apps and plugins for Gmail? Did we forget yours? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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