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Business Wisdom Marketing May 23, 2014

12 Awesome Marketing Tools You've Never Heard Of

If you’re reading this you have likely developed your product, website, or business and want to promote it and increase customer engagement. Whether you are at Series B funding or still cultivating your startup’s business plan, you can bank on the need for consumer marketing. 

Here is a list of 15 little-known (but awesome) marketing tools that businesses and entrepreneurs can employ to increase business intelligence, improve brand awareness, and streamline marketing campaigns.

1. MailCharts

“Track & Understand How Your Competitors Use Email Marketing”

Price: $29/month

MailCharts Software Review - Moblized

An email analytics aggregator, MailCharts performs industry-specific analyses on your competitors and industry players. Currently offering only basic email insights, they will soon be offering content analysis and full business insights.

Primary value proposition:

  • Track Competitors and industry leader mailing habits and content
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • See trending creative copy, not just numerical data

What you get for $29/month:

  • Add any company / competitor to be tracked
  • Track email activity for past 30 days
  • Review email subject and length
  • Email send-time & frequency reports
  • Discovery marketing copy & design

2. Riffle

“Skip the small talk”

Price: Free

Riffle App Review - Moblized

A Google Chrome plug-in that aims to help you tweet more intelligently, Riffle is usable anywhere you go on the web. Find a Twitter handle, right click, and click “Riffle this Account”. Riffle then rifles its way through their account and presents you with the data!

Primary value proposition:

  • Find influencers in your community and research competitors
  • Add a personalized touch to your tweets by knowing the user better
  • Learn about users faster
  • Get insights on leads, clients, and competitors
  • Works with 15 Twitter platforms

What information you can get:

  • The user’s digital footprint (social accounts, Klout score, devices used)
  • General account information such as Tweets, followers, location, & website
  • Number of Retweets and Favorites per Tweet + link to top Tweets on
  • Top #Hashtags, @Mentions, and URLs shared
  • Breakdown of Posts, Retweets, & Replies and through what apps (HootSuite, Twitter for iPhone,, Buffer, etc)

3. SiteAlerts

“Instant insights on any website”

Price: Free - $10/month - $100/month

SiteAlerts Software Review - Moblized

SiteAlerts is another competitor research tool from Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO of HubSpot, an inbound marketing software platform. Type in any website to receive a graphical gallery of information on that site.

Primary value proposition:

  • Get all of the information you wanted about your competitor in one dashboard
  • Everything has a time frame – understand when not just what has changed
  • See where search, social, direct, and referral traffic comes from + keywords
  • Analyze competitor web technologies
  • See top social referrers – where is your competitor focusing efforts?
  • View top status updates and posts

What you get for Free:

  • Tracking for your site and your “arch rival”
  • Marketing Stats
  • Technologies used
  • Organic Keywords
  • Up to 5 paid keywords

4. Circular

“Circular, an open source Buffer app.”

Price: Free

Circular Web App Review - Moblized

If their tag-line didn’t explain it all, Circular is the open-source version of Buffer – the popular tweet scheduling service. Write out your tweet, post it to Circular’s queue, and set a time for it to be delivered. Another great advantage that Circular has over Buffer (aside from the price) is that it is on Github (code repository) and is built on easy-to-learn and well-established web-coding technologies. You can modify, extend, and customize the coding to accomplish a limitless number of automatic features.

Primary value proposition:

  • The best features of Buffer only
  • Simply works – queues posts into a schedule and posts automatically
  • Open-Source, meaning it’s free and customizable (with some work)

What you can do:

  • Bookmarklet to easily add content from anywhere
  • Create a schedule that can post automatically, every day, at the same time
  • Upload pictures to posts
  • Get email reminders when your queue is empty

5. Hubyard

“Social Media back in your hands.”

Price: Free

Hubyard Dashboard Review - Moblized

Hubyard allows you to aggregate your social media feeds into one dashboard. The primary function is to bring your Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, and Tumblr accounts to the same place. This makes browsing, sharing, liking, and commenting on relevant content possible in one fell swoop.

Primary value proposition:

  • View all feeds in one responsive gallery
  • Redirect content from one feed to another or share to all social media at once

What you can do:

  • Like, Retweet, comment, and share content from all feeds in one place
  • Share content to multiple social media at once (Facebook, Instagram, tumblr)
  • Create custom dashboards for certain accounts / usernames

6. Three Cents

“Instant Opinions”

Price: Free

Three Cents App Review - Moblized

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked for my two cents in an online survey (assuming I gave it to them) I would be left with Three Cents. While I doubt this necessarily how the name came about, it was surely a similar train of thought. This crowd-sourced survey app allows users to pose a question to be answered by peers, contacts via SMS and email, or users on Twitter and Facebook.

Primary value proposition:

  • Create shareable surveys and get opinions from anyone on any topic
  • Anyone can vote without downloading the app
  • Easy to generate surveys

What you can do:

  • Get user opinions on a specific topic, trend, etc
  • Create Twitter-card-based surveys for exceptional user experience on Twitter
  • Make surveys private and visible only to those selected
  • Send a survey to your email list
  • Create engaging surveys that include audio, picture, and location media (all searchable in-app)

I created a survey in Three Cent for this review and within 2 hours received 21 responses from random users.

Question: Why do you use Three Cent?

  • 15 – It’s fun!
  • 4 – It’s easy to get opinions.
  • 2 – To get information.

While it is surely as much for consumer amusement as actual information gathering, if applied correctly and to the right audience, you can gather quick data to make some snap marketing decision.

7. Soda

“A simplified and intuitive way to run Twitter advertising campaigns.”

Price: Currently in Private Beta (apply for access)

Soda Twitter Campaign Manager Review - Moblized

Soda is a campaign wizard and management dashboard for Twitter. Follow the simple and graphical 3-step wizard to create your campaign for desktop and mobile, set the targeting preferences by influencer or keyword, and establish a budget. One of the cleaner campaign dashboards, Soda makes it very easy to view statistics and the step-by-step for everything makes campaign setup easy.

Primary value proposition:

  • Simple-to-use dashboard and campaign setup
  • Run different copy on mobile and desktop
  • Easy campaign management lets you focus on the story rather than the promotion

What you get in beta:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Target influencers or specific keywords
  • Optimized promotion based on your settings and budgets
  • Campaign preview – ensure it will be what you want before publishing
  • Basic report features such as Impressions vs engagement & costs associated

8. Adobe Voice

“Turn your story into a stunning animated video. In minutes.”

Price: Free

There is a lot of talk about how videos lead to higher conversion rates and engagement. Adobe Voice is a quick, “drag and drop” video creation software that is based around spoken descriptions of products, stories, or events. Record your story, choose from 25,000 images to use (or upload your own) and the app will create the animations for you!

Primary value proposition:

  • Create professional looking video promotions or stories in minutes
  • Make tutorials, product descriptions, or promotional material with ease

What you get:

  • Storyline and content templates
  • Access to 25,000 images
  • Ability to share on Twitter, Facebook, or Email
  • Offers 20gb of cloud storage of videos for $1.99

9. JustReachOut

“Forget PR Firms, connect with relevant reporters yourself.”

Price: $99/month or $588/year

JustReachOut PR Software Review - Moblized

JustReachOut is great for content generators or businesses that are looking for relevant coverage on their products or services. Find writers who are covering your area and connect with them.

Primary value proposition:

  • Find reporters for any topic and connect with them in just a few clicks

What you get:

  • Search of the most recent and relevant content to your terms
  • Links to contact the writers
  • Wizard with questions to guide and template your email correspondence
  • Ability to find writers you may have otherwise never found – quickly and easily

10. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

“The Famous Title Generator… Caution: It’s addictive”

Price: Free

Portent's Title Generator Review - Moblized

Portent is a complete marketing company that takes care of all facets of marketing strategy and content creation. Their title generator takes their knowledge of viral structure and phrasing and combines it with your search term to create any number of titles and content ideas for your blog or feed.

Primary value proposition:

  • A fun way to generate (potential) titles for your content
  • An addictive and funny way to get you thinking about title structure

How to use these titles:

  • Use them as is (would require you to write the article accordingly)
  • Modify the titles to suit your needs
  • Think critically about the verbiage, structure, and length of these titles and apply to your own
  • Gather ideas for future lists, content, or comparisons
  • Laugh at some cheeky commentary in the bubbles

Alternative titles for this post (if we used Portent to generate our titles):

  • You Haven't Seen This Awesome Marketing Tools List on Buzzfeed
  • How Marketing Tools are Part of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
  • The 12 Best Marketing Tool Resources
  • 6 Surprising Ways Marketing Tools are More Refreshing than New Socks

11. SendinBlue

“Marketing with no Boundaries”

Price: Free - $1,971/month

SendinBlue Email & SMS Manager Review - Moblized

SendinBlue is a complete email and SMS marketing solution. From campaign creation to reporting and everything in between, their goal is fully integrated content development and delivery to your leads and customers.

Primary value proposition:

  • All of your email and SMS campaigns in one place
  • Create content through their platform or import it
  • Receive analytics and results from your campaigns

What you get with the Free Plan:

  • 300 emails/day
  • Newsletter & responsive email creator
  • Unlimited contacts and attributes per contact
  • Analytical and behavioral segmentation of contacts
  • Autoresponders
  • Reporting and Real-time tracking
  • Form Integration and creation
  • API access


“Create actionable, helpful and interactive content to connect directly to your readers”

Price: Free OR $79/month Guide Creator Review - Moblized is a great way to create free, how-to guides for your products, services, and troubleshooting. Use their foolproof setup wizard to create your own guides or find a guide for yourself. You can also add sellable content to your product line and add a price to your guide. If you are an expert or have a trade secret that you are looking to sell, you can capitalize on it for a 5% transaction fee + 30 cents.

If you are looking to create a branded experience, their “Hosted Resource Center” option is a custom solution for guides for your business. With this solution, you can create tutorials specific to your company and gain access to analytics information on your customers, their interactions with your guides, and other reporting information. They also offer full-service guide creation and distribution from their experts.

Primary value proposition:

  • Create guides and long-form content easily
  • Potentially sell your expert advice
  • Deliver a consistent, branded set of tutorials and information
  • Gain insights into how your users utilize the content you produce
  • Have guides written, recorded, distributed, and managed for you by their expert team

What you get for Free:

  • Easy-to-use guide creation and distribution
  • Ability to sell your guides
  • Access to free guides as well as a marketplace of guides for purchase

What you get for $79/month:

  • Publish unlimited guides on unlimited websites
  • Unlimited updates
  • Advanced analytics
  • Unlimited customer lead-generation
  • Send messages to readers
  • Branded resource center (hosted page with your guides and branding)

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