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Software for Niches December 10, 2013

11 Best iPad Apps for Small Business Owners

Small businesses used to be at a disadvantage in comparison to large enterprises when it came to affordable business software, but the iPad has changed that. The best iPad apps for business have made it simple and cost effective for small businesses to get robust, easy to use software to manage nearly every area of the business. Here’s a rundown of the 11 best iPad apps business essentials.

1. ActionMethod

This task management software rivals full-fledged project management tools. ActionMethod lets you create tasks and delegate them to any contact or team member. You can prioritize tasks and see all tasks by project in a single view. All your projects and to-do lists are in the cloud so this app automatically syncs to your web based account or your iPhone or Android device.

2. Dropbox

DropBox is for saving your files in the cloud. Whatever you save in your Dropbox account, whether it be documents, pictures, music or video you’ll be able to access on just about any mobile device or computer. We use Dropbox here at  Moblized and I use it for personal use to save pictures and legal documents files. You can sign up and receive 2 GB of storage for free here.

3. SpringPad

SpringPad lets you create notebooks and boards where you can store information about any project or idea. SpringPad even works with handwritten notes and let’s you drag and drop files and photos around. It’s a great tool for brainstorming and innovation, design projects and events. If you use EverNote once you try this app you’ll never go back.

4. SimpleNote

You can make notes and keep them synchronized across your iPad, the web and other device. You can share notes with friends, family and co-workers. One handy feature lets you back to earlier revisions of a note by moving a slider. Pins and tags let you organize notes on a topic, and a handy search capability finds whatever you need in a snap.

5. iMargin Professional

For instant decisions on authorizing discounts to customers, nothing beats iMargin professional. You can set it to calculate markups from a cost or margins after discounts. With this app, you’ll always know the margin on any deal, even if you’re doing business in multiple currencies. It includes automatic currency conversion rate updates.

6. Pocket

Pocket, the app formerly known as “Read It Later,” lets you drag any content to your Pocket where it’s automatically synched with the web and all your devices. It’s simply the best place to store and access content you want to read at a later time. You don’t have to be connected to read the content, so it’s great for long plane rides.

7. Tweetbot

This Twitter client for the iPad outshines the Twitter iPad app with its engaging interface and array of sounds. Intuitive user-configurable gestures, customizable navigation and multiple timelines let you switch back and forth between lists. Tweetbot supports attaching photos and content from Instapaper, Pocket, CloudApp, Readability, and Droplr. It’s simply the best Twitter app for iPad.

8. Skype

Without the restrictions of FaceTime, Skype for iPad makes video calling simple. Whether you’re a road warrior calling home, collaborating with team members scattered around the world or conferencing with an important client, Skype connects with ease using Wi-Fi or 3G. Skype connects regardless of the device the others on the call are using, and can save your small business bug bucks on phone and video conferencing bills. The iPad’s high-resolution cameras provide great clarity, and you can even pair your Bluetooth headset so you’re not tethered to your seat during calls.

9. Bento 4 for iPad

Bento 4 is a personal database that organizes your data quickly and cleanly and makes retrieval just as simple. Bento 4 includes 25 templates for organizing common types of business data, including contacts, billable time, sales, issue tracking, vehicle and equipment maintenance, projects, to do items, contact lists, inventory, notes, customers, event planning and product catalogs. It allows you to store text, numbers, GPS locations, dates, times, durations, addresses, URLs, and pretty much any other type of data your business might need.

10. Signeasy

This app manages electronic signatures. You can import a document from any application, including email, and then draw or insert your signature. Once the document is signed, Signeasy generates a PDF of the completed document that you can email, print or store. You can collect up to 3 signatures per document, and you can type in any additional information required, such as the date signed. Signatures are easy to resize to suit the space available. You can passcode lock your signature if you store a signature file in the app.

11. PhoneSwipe

If your small business needs to accept credit cards, PhoneSwipe makes it easy to get started right from your iPad. This secure app is password protected and no credit card data is stored on the device. The app lets you calculate sales taxes or discounts, and customers can add tips to a bill. PhoneSwipe calculates the tip amount for the customer based on a percentage they enter, or it can accept an amount. You can email receipts or print them out. PhoneSwipe even integrates with cash drawers if you take cash if your business. You can set up customized inventory list to make sales fast and easy for you and your customer. Multiple devices can be linked to your account so there’s no limit to the number of transactions you can process. You can swipe cards or enter card numbers manually, and you get a complete report of all transactions.

There you have it—the 11 best iPad apps for business. While there are thousands of apps in the store, this list represents some of the hardest working, most versatile, all-around best iPad apps for small business that you can find.

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