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News October 17, 2014

10 Must-See Beta Apps for Businesses

There are more startups now than you can know what to do with (let alone decide on) and it's incredibly difficult to know if the time commitment to learning, setting up, and testing out a potentially volatile solution is worth it.

If you don't want to spend hours everyday searching, there are some great sites that aggregate and accept submissions for beta software to help make your job easier. Check out this list of sites to discover fresh new software.

Researching for solutions that solve your problems is hard enough; it's nearly impossible to find the less popular (and potentially better) startups that haven't received as much exposure.

That's why we've created the BetaFeed; to help find you the best business solutions that have yet to hit it mainstream.

Buzzoole Finder

"Find the most relevant influencers by topics"

Buzzoole Influencer Finder - BetaFeed - Moblized

Buzzoole itself is a social influence generating service that focuses on running campaigns on social media to generate Word of Mouth.

Their "Finder" feature (in beta) is a publisher / power-user's way to quickly and easily find relevant influencers within a target market and to then engage with them, directly from the app.

It works like this:

  • Pick a topic and select a language
  • Suggest relevant influencers that you already know (this helps shape the search and is optional)
  • Preview a sampling and eliminate irrelevant influencer types from the "Full Report"
  • Get a full report of hundreds of powerful influencers and engage with them via: Follow, Mention, Favorites, and their Links on-profile

There are also some pretty fantastic sorting options and the ability to remove users from the report, so you can find and keep only those that you want to engage with.

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"Easily Create a Powerful Facebook Store"

Chooos Facebook Shop - BetaFeed - Moblized

Chooos lets anyone create a powerful, complete Facebook store right within your "tabs" section. Add a product image, description, and tag it to set up product categories. Chooos enables sellers to create and share call to action posts with "Shop Now" button, so timeline and feed posts drive traffic to your FB store 30% more than a regular post.

Users can easily buy your products directly from the tab and Chooos comes complete with an Order Management System built in with instant notifications and order tracking.

Chooos makes selling on Facebook simple and the feature list blows other Facebook ecommerce solutions out of the water. 

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"News feed for your cloud apps"

Trackmemo Cloud App Newsfeed - BetaFeed - Moblized

Trackmemo is a productivity app connects your scattered cloud accounts to a single feed for updates. Collaborate with your colleagues and ditch the confusion / constant checking and updating tabs to know if information is up-to-date.

You can search and display updates in context, along with relevant conversations, so that you can easily see what was said regarding that update without having to return to the original app.

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"Beautiful gift cards for your online store"

Zencards Physical Giftcards for Ecommerce - BetaFeed - Moblized

Zencards is bringing large-scale gift / rewards card distribution to small businesses world-wide.

Selling physical gift cards to your customers doesn't have to be difficult. We take care of all the hands-on work, like printing the cards and putting them in envelopes.

You need only take care of selling them! 

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"Close more sales with personal drip campaigns in Gmail."

Touchstream Gmail Drip Marketing - BetaFeed - Moblized

TouchStream helps to automate your email marketing efforts. In addition to allowing for standardization of messages across leads, you can create unique segments of contacts who will receive specific drip campaigns or scheduled emails.

One of the primary benefits of TouchStream is that it comes directly from your Gmail, where messages are more likely to make it to your recipients' inboxes. With a Chrome extension and a mobile app, you can easily add leads to a stream from anywhere.

How it works:

  • Connect your Gmail account
  • Segment contacts by topic or category
  • Send drip campaigns or schedule emails

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"Your go-to social media management tool"

Crowdlinker Social Media Management - BetaFeed - Moblized

Drive engagement on social media from a single dashboard by tailoring your message for each audience and posting your content on multiple social networks at once.

You can either use the same message for multiple social networks or specify a unique message for each network. What's more, Crowdlinker delivers real-time actionable metrics, so that you always know how your content resonates with your target audience.

By adding Crowdlinker’s Share Bar to your page, you will enable your audience to have an easy way to share your content on multiple social networks at once or share directly with recommended contacts on either LinkedIn or Twitter. Recommended contacts are chosen based on criteria you set up ahead of time.

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"Content Curation Platform to help find and share better content. Faster." Content Curation Platform - BetaFeed - Moblized

Are you spending too much time looking for great content to share? provides social media marketers with a comprehensive content curation platform. Source, annotate, schedule and track your content, all at one place so you area always stocked with fresh content to share!

It's Simple:

  • Find great content through aggregated streams
  • Compose a tweet with tailored annotations suggestions for increased visibility
  • Schedule your posts to go out on your terms

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"Enterprise-grade, inventory and order management software"

Skubana Ecommerce ERP - BetaFeed - Moblized

Skubana is an multi-channel, all-in-one SaaS ecommerce ERP platform that helps businesses to synchronize, optimize and simplify inventory management.

Skubana handles everything from order processing and inventory management.

Skubana helps you to manage:

  • Product Listings
  • Orders and Purchase Orders
  • Customer Information
  • Inventory
  • Accounting
  • Complete Analytics

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"Add a refer-a-friend widget to any link. No code required."

ReferralSnip Referral Marketing Creator - BetaFeed - Moblized

ReferralSnip is a referral program management solution that allows you to quickly and easily create referral snippets. Share these snippets with any link that you want to include in the referral program and get referrals; it's that simple.

It works like this:

  1. Design Your Referral Snippet
  2. Add Your Snippet To Any Link
  3. Share Your Link & Get Referrals

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"Contextual Support Widget"

Elevio Contextual Support Widgets - BetaFeed - Moblized

Elevio gives your site the ability to manage common user FAQ's and give contextually relevant popups.

You can write your own knowledge base articles or sync it with a hosted solution like Zendesk, UserVoice, or Desk. Plus, integrate your live-chat solutions -- like Zopim, LiveChat and Olark -- directly into the tab to avoid "tab overload".

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