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Research October 3, 2014

10 Impressive Beta Apps for Your Business

There are more startups now than you can know what to do with (let alone decide on) and it's incredibly difficult to know if the time commitment to learning, setting up, and testing out a potentially volatile solution is worth it.

If you don't want to spend hours everyday searching, there are some great sites that aggregate and accept submissions for beta software to help make your job easier. Check out this list of sites to discover fresh new software.

Researching for solutions that solve your problems is hard enough; it's nearly impossible to find the less popular (and potentially better) startups that haven't received as much exposure.

That's why we've created the BetaFeed; to help separate the wheat from the chaff in the growing field of business startups and beta applications.


"Affiliate Workflow Management Done Right"

Uberaff - Affiliate Marketing - BetaFeed - Moblized

Uberaff is an affiliate marketing workflow and planning solution. In addition to allowing you to organize your various campaigns under one roof, Uberaff combines all of the tools that an affiliate marketer would want into one dashboard.

Some tools include:

  • Campaign "Sanity Check" - see if the numbers check out
  • Profitability analyzer - how much each change affects ROI
  • Competitive Analysis - see what offers competitors are running and with what systems
  • Ad Image Creator - Built-in profiles and templates of standards for different platforms
  • Built in calendar

In addition, their Javascript library (Uberaff.js) is implemented via a single line of script that gives access to 10 demographics, targeting, and analytics modules for your site. Each one is also toggle-able, so that you can run only those that you want or need.

From the looks of it, and from the planned releases, this tool is going to be epic for affiliate marketers.

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"Offer Employee Perks and Perks Programs"

Paraglide Employee Perks - BetaFeed - Moblized

Paraglide is an employee perks solution that makes managing and offering incentives to employees easy. Help to reinforce (or create) your company culture with unique perks and improve employee morale.

By allowing your employees to choose from a curated selection of offerings, you can empower them with perks that they will actually want to work towards.

Develop your own program where you can reimburse / comp employees based on criteria you set to help encourage certain behaviors that benefit both the employee and your company's standards.

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Keyword Studio

"The Fastest, Easiest Way to Do In-depth Keyword Research."

Keyword Studio - Keyword Planner - BetaFeed - Moblized

Keyword studio seems like it’s going to be a new favorite for SEOs, bloggers, and marketers who value optimization. Aside from an awesome interface for grouping keywords into blocks, it compiles all of the relevant information that you would want into one list of unique keywords / groupings.

With Keyword Studio you can:

  • Import from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, SEM Rush, or a line-separated list to create a keyword list
  • Get Volume and CPC shown for all keywords automatically
  • Group, add, or delete phrases with just a few easy clicks
  • Assign an associated URL to any grouping of keywords
  • Compare your assigned target page with average authority of pages that target the same keywords

With the ability to compare your domain authority to the groupings of keywords, you can also see how you might rank if you went with that particular set of phrases. This looks like it will simplify a lot of people’s tiresome keyword research once it’s live.

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"Centralize your clients, invoicing, estimates and sales pipeline."

Simplifyd Project & Sales MGMT - BetaFeed - Moblized

Simplifyd is a web-based, client management and sales tool. Half messenger, half activity monitor and pipeline tracker, it aims to eliminate and simplify a few different solutions that you may have been trying to juggle.

Use Simplified in place of (or alongside) email to have a graphically pleasing and easy-to-use timeline of communications, proofs, and activity of clients. It’s like a dashboard for engaging and communicating with clients.

Keep track of invoicing and estimates with their Money View. 

It gives you a number of nice at-a-glance stats like:

  • A graph view of revenue
  • Monthly Turnover & Payments as well as Outstanding Receivables
  • Currently sent and upcoming invoices (with the ability to send them from the list)
  • Delta values for monthly changes in revenue

The Sales Pipeline provides you with a way to log progress during each sale and can be accessed from any device as well. There’s an integrated calendar as well to log costs over time and to invoice at specific dates.

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"Unified Online Collaboration. Connect services that are incompatible otherwise."

Sphares Collaboration and Syncing - BetaFeed - Moblized

Remote workers and contractors rejoice! If you have ever worked with a freelancer or have hired and brought a contracted worker onboard, then you know how varied people’s preferred services and software can be.

Sphares aims to eliminate the tiresome “So-and-so has invited you to sign up for X service” by allowing you to use your solution and the other person to maintain using theirs! By acting as a middle-man, you can now sync files back and forth between your two services without ever signing up for the other’s.

You can sync services that include:

  • Files (Dropbox to Drive to OneDrive)
  • Calendars, Tasks, and Contacts (Microsoft 365 to Google Calendar, tasks, and contacts)
  • And More

The idea is to eliminate duplicate data, signups, and redundant sharing. I imagine this service growing and extending beyond these direct 1 to 1 comparisons to include at least partial syncing of complex solutions.

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"Superpower your Mobile Marketing Campaigns"

MobEngage Interactive Mobile Marketing - BetaFeed - Moblized

MobEngage is a fun way to market to the next generation of consumers. You essentially create a small interactive piece of content that acts as a form of content marketing.

Build a Quiz, Survey, Contest, or Game to:

  • Capture leads
  • Engage potential customers (or current customers)
  • Enhance brand retention
  • Track customer behavior

Pick your campaign type, customize the rules, colors, logo, and content and your ready to distribute your content. It’s unclear if it is published as a native app, but it looks to be distributed as a web-app (you share a URL and the user goes to that page).

If this is the case, you have far more opportunity to remarket, redirect, and capture user behavior on your new interactive element.

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"Embed custom call-to-action messages in each page you share"

Sprdin Remarketing Tool - BetaFeed - Moblized

Sprdin is a remarketing / conversion tool that doubles as a link shortener. You share a shortened link, create a call to action (CTA) to place on whatever the page is that you shared, and have your message presented to the user on the shared page.

The entire process looks like this:

  • Find a page to share (your own content or another’s content)
  • Shorten the link with Sprdin
  • Customize the banner, message, and CTA
  • Recapture traffic (or generate new traffic if the content wasn’t yours)

Works on 99% of all pages so you can share nearly anything you want and generate traffic, leads, or survey users. Any link that you share that you aren’t using a solution like this is potential traffic and leads thrown out the window!

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"Make form-based workflows lightning fast"

In addition to being a powerful form creation tool, the idea of Blitzen is to take away the complexity of integrating the pieces of your email / data capture forms.

Let’s say you have a lead capture field on a product page and you want anything that comes through there to go to any number of places. Blitzen helps to automate and integrate the pieces of this process. 

Some features include:

  • Incorporates form / data collection with your workflow - Integrates cloud apps
  • Event-based automation & Conditional logic
  • Analytics and reports
  • White-label solutions

Whether it’s to add the info to your CRM, to upload a file and save it to your storage service, or just to alert the right team member that it’s time to begin onboarding for that user, Blitzen promises to make it a breeze.

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"Agile Project Workspace"

Crocagile Agile Project Management - BetaFeed - Moblized

Crocagile is an agile project workspace designed to streamline communication.

From sprint planning to user personas and stories, Crocagile combines team chat, horizontal dashboards, and tracking to create an easy-to-use project management experience for the whole team.

Simple enough for any collaborative team, but engineered for agile developers & creatives, Crocagile combines agile project management with collaboration tools you already know.

Best Features

  • Activity Streams, Smart Alerts, and Group Chat to eliminate email
  • Automated Standup - Team member updates are visible in one place, automatically
  • Map User Stories to their developable counterparts & plan sprints with a drag-and-drop interface
  • HTML5 Burndowns and reports

Comes with it’s own file management system as well that can help manage assets between members.

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"Free Event Promotion & Marketing Tool"

EventScore Event Promotion Tool - BetaFeed - Moblized

Whether you’re an event planner or just organizing a promotional gig for your business, exposure is everything. EventScore takes the guesswork and hours of tedious searching to let you know exactly where your listing has already appeared.

By searching over 275+ event listing and promotion sites, EventScore tells you quickly where you are missing opportunities. Better still, they will give you an actionable plan to distribute your event listing the most effectively.

Some Features

  • Searches relevant event listings to give you an “EventScore”
  • Custom promotion reports let you know where you are found and could potentially be listed
  • Roadmap for success based on reports

This isn’t to say that you don’t have to still market and target your listings to your audience, but if you find even a few extra channels that you want to promote through, then this service can be a huge win for your business.

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