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Accounting Software January 14, 2014

10 Helpful Accounting Software Apps For Businesses

Need help managing your business on the financial side? Numerous accounting apps for businesses are available to make all money-related matters easier to deal with. While plenty of accounting apps are available for managing money, some are tailor-made for the business world. Check out a few and see what you think!

Freshbooks: Invoicing is Easier Than Ever

Freshbooks App Review

Send invoices to employers, take photos of expense receipts, set hours on the app’s calendar to manage time spent on projects. Freshbooks makes it easy to bill or receive payment from clients among other nifty services. The folks behind Freshbooks note data is always “safe and accessible” no matter what device you’re using.

Gem Accounts: A Dream App for Big Businesses

Gem Accounts App Review

Designed for medium and large-size businesses, Gem Accounts nevertheless works for small businesses too. The app provides all those features that large businesses need and rely on, such as audit controls, integrated payroll system, multi-currency control, consolidated reporting, full API, inventory management tools, and unlimited transactions and users. The app works quickly regardless of volume, and inventory management options come with each account. And while it’s based out of Australia, it’s available in New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K. Nice!

Xero Touch: Manage Your Accounts on the Road!

Zero Touch App Review

Does your business require a lot of traveling? Xero Touch allows you to manage your business while you’re “on the move.” The app receives your bank statements each night, allowing you to “reconcile” the following morning, even if you’re still in your pj’s. Send invoices as soon as a job is complete rather than waiting until you’re back at your office desk. If you’ve always had issues keeping track of receipts, Xero Touch can help with that, too! The app makes it easy to photograph receipts and submit all expense claims directly from your phone. Awesome!

Snapy: It’s Pretty Snappy

Snapy App Review

Combine all your accounting applications for easy reconciliation using Snapy. The app utilizes “advanced algorithms to download transactions and automatically reconcile them within your favorite accounting software,” while it also makes creating sales receipts, a, uh, snap!

Billbooks: A Few Clicks and You’re Done

Billbooks App Review

Billing clients online is becomes a “joy” according to this app’s creators. Billbooks minimizes time spent a-clicking and a-typing, and also eschews fixed monthly rentals in favor of sending invoices to clients for a mere 30 cents apiece. That’s right! Add as many staff members as you want as well as all the client accounts you have to this app, which is also multilingual. Send invoices easily via email and keep easy track of expenses, which you can also print from the app. Good stuff.

Wave: The Ideal Small Business App

Wave App Review

Designed to make the life of a small business owner easier, Wave offers accounting, invoicing, payroll and payment services, as well as personal finance software. The creators say they built Wave for companies with nine staff members or less, however big businesses also love the app as well. The best part? Accounting and invoicing services are free and totally secure! Sweet!

AccountEdge: Perfect for small business


AccountEdge's app gives you the power to control all of your accounting needs, including: payroll, time billing, sales, invoices, purchases and more. The app also allows you to add payroll forms, credit cards, direct deposits and many more additional services. You can do all of this from anywhere with AccountEdge's new integration with cloud. It is a great example of a conventional accounting software for your small business.

Intacct: Flex Reporting Included

Intacct App Review

This company markets its product as “the only financial management software with Flex Reporting,” and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Whether your business is of the franchise, accounting, healthcare, hospitality, nonprofit, faith-based or wholesale variety, Intacct has something for ya. The Intacct list of services is pretty darn endless, and include real-time financial and operational visibility, cash and revenue management, global consolidations, multi-currency management, the aforementioned Flex Reporting and much more.

CapLinked: Company+Investors=Good Deal

CapLinked App Review

An app designed to forge links between businesses and investors, CapLinked allows users to easily handle all business transactions, start conversations and gain access to assorted free tools and research documents. The app also makes it simple for businesses to set up deals and transactions, all of which are private, meaning no one else can view them. Sign in through Google, Yahoo, Windows LiveID and more.

BillHighway: Cloud-based accounting for non-profits


The best accounting app for all non-profits and associations. It is designed with solutions for payment processing, online banking and accounting. The use of all of these functions reduces the risk of fraud, deducts costs and free's up time. Their Common Integration Standard removes the need for manual data entry by integrating funds with your back-end systems. The best part is, you can do all of this while connected to the cloud.

These are a mere few of the many accounting apps available for businesses! Try one and forget dealing stacks of receipts, invoices and other paperwork taking up so much of your office you don’t even know where your chair or filing cabinet is anymore! 

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