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Mobile Business Software Point of Sale Software March 31, 2014

10 Best Mobile POS Apps

Gone are the days of the traditional checkout registers; companies are turning a new leaf in business transactions with the help of Mobile Point-of-Sale Apps that equip their customers to pay as they go from anywhere in the world. While the use of credit card swipe devices for customer transactions has been popular for decades, especially with restaurants, car-rental services, shopping markets and other retail businesses, the Mobile POS technology does away with the glossy cards too. Just flash your smartphone or tablet at the savvy mobile card readers and beat the long queues at the cash counters!

Mobile devices are rapidly being used as point of sale terminals by businesses of varying sizes and large companies to enhance their customers’ retail and payment experience, increase sales and enlarge their existing customer base for greater success. Here’s what makes it so lucrative:

Benefits of using Mobile POS

  1. Better retail experience for the consumer
  2. Faster and error-free transactions
  3. Increased workforce productivity and lower costs
  4. Increases security of the business transactions
  5. Paper-free email receipts that can be directly linked to customer loyalty points
  6. Records customer information and preferences in a hassle-free way
  7. Send instant updates and alerts on offers, promotional messages, newsletters etc.

If you are looking to invest in an efficient Mobile POS solution and don’t know where to get started, then the following list of 10 Best Mobile Point of Sale Apps will give you a good idea on the various features available in the market and help you choose the right solution for your business:

1. Leaf

Leaf POS App Review - Moblized

With many unique features, a built-in credit card swipe and interactive applications for the customers, it comes as no surprise that Leaf is the most popular app in the world of Mobile POS. This affordable app not only helps with your business transactions but also stores large amounts of data and reports in a secure environment. Leaf’s interactive receipts allows customers to give feedback on their shopping experience, connect to your business website or Facebook account, access loyalty programs and a number of other add-on features that never stop to delight them. Leaf also enables merchants to check and manage inventory, process orders, monitor employees, generate reports etc. through its online management dashboard. Overall, this app is an efficient cloud-based POS system that has helped businesses across industries and continuously improves its features for a better consumer experience.

2. PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere POS App Review - Moblized

This versatile app for Android mobiles comes with a range of features on its online merchant portal called PayAnywhere Inside. It works with the free mobile credit card reader thus allowing for direct credit and debit card payments on the phone itself. The app also has new features like inventory management, multiple user access, intuitive reporting and also supports wireless printer. It’s easy to use, has a simple sign-on process, interactive business intelligence features and very user friendly; having the lowest transaction rate per swipe of 2.69%, PayAnywhere is popular with the smallest of businesses to the big enterprises. The funds are deposited within one business day, giving you faster collections and increased sales.

3. Square

Square App Review - Moblized

Square is the fastest growing mobile POS app. It is popular for features like the Square Wallet that allows consumers to browse through the prices, find attractive deals and make payments on the go at food stores and retail markets. It helps shoppers in avoiding the long checkout queues, tracks their payment receipts and allows faster transactions to make shopping more fun.

4. GoPayment

GoPayment App Review - Moblized

The Intuit GoPayment from Verizon gives its customers a range of payment options through secure channels and helps merchants track their sales data efficiently in a quick way. It can support a variety of Android phones, smartphones and tablets like the iPhone, iPad and other devices. It offers an easy start-up process and allows up to 50 employees on one account. GoPayment can automatically calculate your sales tax based on your location using the geolocation features and it has an encrypted card reader along with two levels of security to provide a robust and safe payment gateway. Merchants can also integrate it with their accounting system to manage their business in a cost-effective way.

5. Flint

Flint POS App Review - Moblized

It helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize their sales potential through easy mobile payments, customer interactions, integration with social networking sites like Facebook and marketing management features, all through a single integrated platform. Electronic receipts, instant feedbacks and suggestions from customers and usage flexibility even without a card reader, make it an attractive mobile point of sales app in today’s market. It can be used on iOS as well as Android phones and tablets, the fees are as low as 1.95% and payments are received within 2 days.

6. Vend

Vend POS App Review - Moblized

This cloud based mobile POS has a range of features like inventory management, customer loyalty tools, PayPal payments, innovative reporting tools, and automatic data backups. Its compatibility with cash drawers, barcode scanners, printers and ability to integrate with various ecommerce solutions like Shopify, Timely, Xero etc. make it a popular app for retailers across verticals.

7. Cube

Cube iPad POS App Review - Moblized

Cube is an iPad point of sales app that helps merchants engage their customers, provide a one-touch payment option from anywhere at any time and improve their customer base through an interactive platform.

8. LightSpeed Retail

LightSpeed Retail POS App Review - Moblized

LightSpeed Retail is an integrated inventory management and POS system that helps merchants put up their own ecommerce site, manage multiple store locations and offers consumers with faster online transactions.

9. PayPal Here

PayPal Here App Review - Moblized

It not only offers an enhanced mobile POS system but also integrates card readers to accept credit card payments on Android devices, iPhones and iPads. It’s similar to Square in terms of transaction charges of 2.7% but unlike its counterpart, it accepts payments from PayPal accounts and checks too. It also offers a 1% cash-back to customers using the PayPal banking card.

10. Ambur

Ambur POS App Review - Moblized

Ambur works with Apple devices and is very popular with restaurants, cafes and even food trucks. It allows faster order processing and payment transactions, timely report generation and payroll tools and keeps track of your customer order information for better services.


While you have a variety of options while choosing the right Mobile POS app for your business, it makes better business sense to choosing an app that significantly improves your customer relations and also helps you put an efficient management and accounting process in place. Modernize your business with these innovative Mobile POS systems and improve your competitive edge for greater business value.

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