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Marketing Point of Sale Software January 23, 2014

10 Apps to Grow Your Quick-Service Restaurant

Looking to make your quick-service restaurant the takeout option in your area? A few apps can help you with that. Check out the 10 best apps for your quick-service restaurant and learn what each can do for you:

Fooda: Finding Your Establishment Just Got Really Simple

Fooda App Review

Fooda allows users to find your restaurant by first entering their current location. If your quick-service restaurant is nearby, it will pop up on their screens. Manage your account either through the app or the official Fooda site, while users can pay with the app if they wish.

Grub Hub: Ideal for Customer Re-Ordering

GrubHub App Review

Grub Hub takes the same approach as Fooda in that you enter your location and find nearby quick-service restaurants. The app has a rolodex of over 20,000 takeout joints in more than 500 cities, and lets users search by cuisine, restaurant or menu item. It also saves past orders, meaning customers can easily re-order from you.

Eat24: User-Centric Ordering

Eat24 App Review

Eat24 is an online ordering app that was built from the ground up with the custom er in mind. Users can simply browse restaurants in their area and place their order directly in the app. The order is sent to your restaurant when, after preparing the food, you either send it out for delivery or mark it as ready to pick up.

It’s the little things that make Eat24 such a great service, like free setup and maintenance, it is full customizable, and it allows users to easily split their checks among multiple friends and coworkers who shared one order.

Dash: Helping Your Bar Close Out Faster

Dash App Review

For both bars and restaurants, Dash is an iOS app that allows customers in your joint pay for their food and drink without dealing with paperwork. The service lets your bar’s efficiency skyrocket, allowing customers to order more drinks, it prevents abandoned and walked out tabs, and reduces fraud. Instead of juggling fifty tabs on a busy night, your crew can focus on what is really important like service and food.

Restaurants on the Run: Increase Your Office Lunchtime Business

Restaurants on the Run App Review

Want to cater to office complexes in your area? Restaurants on the Run is your dream app. Mainly for quick-service restaurants on the West Coast, it also delivers to offices in Tulsa and Houston. The app is helpful if you offer catering in addition to takeout services, and makes group orders and gift certificate purchases simple.

HealthyOut: For the Carb-Conscience User

HealthyOut App Review

If your quick-service restaurant is of the vegan, vegetarian or otherwise super-healthy food variety, look into the HealthyOut app. Featuring the widest number of nutrition and diet filters of any app, users can review extensive nutritional information before choosing a healthy takeout option in their area. The most common filter? “Not a salad.”

Postmates: Shopping Gets “Redefined”

Postmates App Review

The folks behind Postmates call it the app to “redefine shopping” as it offers lunch, grocery and office supply delivery in under an hour. Some 20,000 products from over 3,300 stores are available for browsing, and its “nearby” tab provides instant information on all quick-service restaurants and businesses, um, nearby.

Users are introduced to their delivery person, or “postmate” immediately after placing an order, as the “foundation of delivery is a real person.” Upload a picture of yourself or member of your staff, and add detailed information about your work experience.

ZeroCater: Fantastic for Food Truck Owners

ZeroCater App Review

Those of you in the personal chef and food truck industry will undoubtedly love ZeroCater, a product that “delivers awesome chefs, restaurants and food trucks right to your office.” Users enter information about how many people require feeding, as well as where and what they want to eat, then the friendly staff at ZeroCater will personally manage the logistics and preferences of those orders—either over phone or email—with the various restaurants involved with them.

So if you are in New York City or the Bay Area, we highly recommend ZeroCater as a painless way to get your food into people’s lunch breaks throughout the city.

[ Thank you Nina at ZeroCater for your helpful corrections.]

No Wait: Now Nationwide

No Wait App Review

As much as customers love your food, they may not love the long lines. (Hey, your food rocks. Be proud.) The No Wait app eliminates waiting time, as users can send you text messages and “get in line” through their phones. Although some quick-service restaurant apps are localized, this option is now available nationwide.

Have you found success with any of the above apps? Or know of others that worked wonders for your quick-service restaurant? Is there one or more app you definitely want to try? Leave a comment and share your experiences and thoughts! 

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