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Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. Add to any website with a single link.

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Overview of Vendevor

Vendevor is an online shopping cart that can be added into any website, blog, or Facebook fan page with a single link, and is ready to immediately process credit card payments. Vendevor has all of the major features that any shopping cart needs and combines automatic payment processing, yet is as simple as adding a YouTube video to your site. Create and add your store in 15 minutes or less and start growing your business today.

Unique Features of Vendevor

Vendevor has everything you need to add an online store into your existing website and Facebook fan page, and automatically includes payment processing. Accept credit cards immediately without any third party payment processing tools, and transfer sales directly into your bank account. Simply add an online store into your existing website, blog, and Facebook fan page, and remove the hassle of starting over with an entirely new eCommerce website. Add a store to your existing site just like you would add in a YouTube video (one line of simple code), and you can be growing your business online today. 

Features checked in Vendevor

  • API Access
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Cart Migration
  • Checkout Page Templates
  • Customize Design
  • Digital Products
  • Discounts and Promotions
  • Funnel Split Testing
  • Order Management
  • Referral Link Management
  • Social Sharing Widgets

Specifications for Vendevor


$9-$139/ month

Operating Systems

United States