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Usetrace Test Automation

Usetrace is a SaaS to automate your website's functional testing without coding.

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Overview of Usetrace Test Automation

Usetrace saves time from repetitive manual web testing and improves the quality of your software. 

In Usetrace you automate cloud computers to test your site's features. How to create accounts, order products and post comments. Cloud computers automatically repeat these test cases, using your site the way your customers would use it with real internet browsers.

Usetrace can be used by non-technical testers. Automating the test cases can be done without coding.

Usetrace integrates to Continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins and Codeship as well as with team communication tools such as Slack, Flowdock and HipChat.

Unique Features of Usetrace Test Automation

  • Visual Test Editor, no coding needed
  • Speed by parallel test runs
  • Maintainable tests - modularity
  • No local installations - works via web browser
  • Test assets available to whole team from the cloud

Features checked in Usetrace Test Automation

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Browser Testing
  • Funnel Testing
  • Invite Testers
  • Mobile Emulator
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Record Use Cases
  • Result Segmentation
  • Targeting Rules
  • Test Case Management
  • Visual Editor

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Free - $900 / Month

Operating Systems

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