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Overview of Userbrain

Everyone who already knows that testing design ideas and concepts is key to delivering great websites, also knows that it’s a lot easier said than done. Not only is usability testing still way too expensive to be done on a regular basis, it’s also impractical to watch hours and hours of videos, before you get actionable results. We think it’s about time for a better solution. One that’s easier, faster and cheaper then current tools and services. And that’s why we are building Userbrain.

Userbrain helps you making it a habit to test your website's usability. You keep getting videos of real people testing your website on mobile and desktop devices. Every week.

Unique Features of Userbrain

We've done thousands of usability tests for our clients and ourselves during the last 5 years. One thing we've learned is that starting isn't the hard part. There are plenty of solutions out there and if you really want to start usability testing now, there is no excuse for you not to do it.

Although we agree that starting is important, we believe that sticking with what you've started is even more critical. Just think about how often you've tried a promising method, service, or tool, and remember how you stopped doing or using it before it had any positive impact on your life.

That's exactly what happens when you are motivated enough to start, but don't have any plans for how to stick with what you've started. This can be frustrating, and thus lowers your chances of succeeding at your goal in the future. Whatever your goal might be, whether it's fixing usability issues, improving your website's content, or validating a product idea – here's how you can do it: Make usability testing a habit with Userbrain. :)

Features checked in Userbrain

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Browser Testing
  • Funnel Testing
  • Invite Testers
  • Mobile Emulator
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Record Use Cases
  • Result Segmentation
  • Targeting Rules
  • Test Case Management
  • Visual Editor

Specifications for Userbrain


$14 – $139 per month

Operating Systems