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Overview of gives you tools for informed content marketing.

Quickly find & analyse the best content & publishers in your vertical.

Amplify your content using our categorized influencers & sharers and build your influencer contact list / groups.

Unique Features of

Instant Content Insights

Instantly search for content by keyword or view one of our categories to view the best publishers, articles, sharers and influencers around a subject. Learn what content is working and which social network is responding the best, so you can craft the perfect piece of content.

Influencers & Sharers

Find influencers and analyse their sharing habits, use pinning to build lists for influencer marketing. View our categorised sharers to see what their sharing habits are, and use our pinning feature to build audiences around a category. Export lists of sharers to use for seeding, or Twitter targeting.

Personalised Dashboard

Hand pick your favourite categories, star them and they will become saved. This means you can organise your dashboard to save time and see what matters to you each time you log in, no need to search everything you need will be right there.

Export Data

Data, data and more data! We give you the ability to export all the glorious data we collect so that you can pull it down and make it sing for you. Use it to build influencer lists or sharer lists for pre-seeding lists to help get your content off the ground.

Features checked in

  • API Access
  • Competitor Research
  • Contact Management
  • Content Alerts
  • Content Analysis
  • Custom Feed Integration
  • Email Management
  • Export Data
  • Filter by Content Type
  • Influencer Discovery
  • Social Publishing
  • Social Search

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