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Social Media coupons & promotions.

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Overview of TwtQpon

Choose the discount type

  • You have 3 options for discount type
  • Percentage Discount
  • Money Discount (20+ currencies)
  • Free Product

Choose the delivery type

TwtQpon generates unique codes for each coupon. You have 2 options for delivery/redemption.

  • Online - via a code or URL to your ecommerce store.
  • In-store - users must bring a print out or show their phone at a physical location.

Twitter coupons: Users must tweet a link to the coupon to see the coupon code and use it.

Facebook coupons: Users must authenticate with a Facebook account to be able to use it.

Newsletter coupons: Users must enter their email address to be able to use it.

Video coupons: Users must watch a YouTube/Vimeo video and find a code to be able to use the coupon.

Trivia coupons: Users must answer a trivia question correctly to use the coupon.

Feedback coupons: Users must send a feedback about something to be able to use the coupon.

Unique Features of TwtQpon

QR Code



Twitter Coupon

Facebook Coupon

Video Coupon

Trivia Coupon

Feedback Coupon

Features checked in TwtQpon

Specifications for TwtQpon


$19 to $49 Per Month

Operating Systems





TwtQpon can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.