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Improve customer experience & satisfaction over time.

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Overview of Temper helps you measure how your customers feel about your business so you know what to improve.

Measure customer mood

Get a constant stream of updates on the mood of your customers at any given time across all aspects of your business.

Spot frustrating experiences

When you see a dip in mood, you're able to identify problematic areas of your product.

Know your product pulse

With a quick glance at your screen, you'll know right away how satisfied your customers are.

Unique Features of Temper

  • Page tab widget
  • Inline widget
  • Email widget
  • Rating graph
  • Rating stream
  • Public rating wall
  • Rating commenting
  • Referrer data
  • Tracking variables
  • User targeting

Features checked in Temper

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Question Widget
  • Exit Surveys
  • Feedback Community
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Skip Logic
  • Targeted Questions
  • Works in Mobile Apps
  • Works on Mobile Screens

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$12 - $199 / Month

Operating Systems