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Plug-and-play site search for any website, Control appearance and search results

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Overview of Swiftype

Swiftype is a site search solution for websites. We take over the search bar on any website, and power it with our advanced relevance algorithm. Our goal is to give you the control over your site’s search:

  • we provide analytics for you to see your search data
  • use this information to instantly react using our merchandising tool: rearrange search results’ order, add and delete products from search results

Swiftype is a modern search solution

  • We’re a hosted solution, meaning no hardware, set-up, maintenance costs
  • Real-time indexing immediately reflects your website’s most up-to-date content in your search
  • Our user-friendly UI allows for even non-technical users to make search results adjustments

Other features that just make for a great UX:

  • Customizable Autocomplete Dropdown– show prices, product images, description, etc., and remove that additional page between a conversion
  • Typo Protection – detect your customers’ spelling errors to reduce bounces from spelling mistakes
  • Filtering and Faceting – make it easier for customers to refine their searches to locate products to their satisfaction
  • Synonyms – create synonym sets to ensure your customers find what they are looking for even if they use different terminology

We have a developer’s API to assist with customizing and integrating Swiftype.

Swiftype is mobile-web optimized, so the same great search will be available for your mobile site. Furthermore, we have SDKs to help you implement Swiftype if you have a mobile app. 

Unique Features of Swiftype

  • Real-time indexing to capture product additions and changes in your search engine without delay
  • Reorder search results to display your most popular or high-margin products first
  • Reordered search results immediately reflect on your website
  • Easy-to-use interface for non-technical users
  • Customer behavior data in your search analytics help you to make decisions about new products to carry
  • Instantly react to information about customers in your search analytics using merchandising controls

Features checked in Swiftype

  • API Access
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customize Result Rankings
  • Mobile Search Functionality
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Real-Time Indexing
  • Real-Time Results Faceting
  • Real-Time Spellchecking
  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Site Navigation Management
  • Synonyms

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