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Overview of Survicate

Survicate helps you understand your Customers with targeted website surveys, drive conversions via notifications and profile visitors for better marketing campaigns.

Get into a visitor's minds by:

  • Understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it.
  • Uncover friction points and objections at different stages of the buying process.
  • Create buyer personas to further optimize your marketing strategy.
  • Understand your prospect’s perception about your product against competition.

Boost conversion and content reach by:

  • Recommend relevant content based on insights you have just uncovered.
  • Redirect visitors towards dedicated landing pages to increase inbound leads.
  • Suggest exciting offers based on discovered needs and purchasing factors.
  • Crowdsource content ideas by simply asking your visitors.

Capture leads through:

  • Redirecting visitors to a dedicated landing page based uncovered intent and need.
  • Improve your lead nurturing program by sending prospects into suitable lists.
  • Generate sales opportunities from any page with unobtrusive lead capture forms.
  • Collect data in steps to get more information over time.

Unique Features of Survicate

  • Actively gather feedback with targeted surveys.
  • Find ideas for optimization. Engage upon insights in the moment.
  • Improve your marketing. Drive conversion. Increase sales.

Features checked in Survicate

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Question Widget
  • Exit Surveys
  • Feedback Community
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Skip Logic
  • Targeted Questions
  • Works in Mobile Apps
  • Works on Mobile Screens

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