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Overview of Sociolus

For Marketers

  • Convince and win new clients with the importance of a social media strategy.
  • Manage portfolios. Analyse: performance, trends, influencers, leads and markets.
  • Control costs and increase margins when delivering social analytics.
  • Provide tangible, cost effective benefits whilst you demonstrate ROI.

For Businesses

  • Benchmark your current performance against your competitors.
  • Understand what the top brands, posts, influencers and trends are.
  • Get actionable insights. Generate Leads. Reward customer loyalty.
  • Create better strategies, products/services and customer experiences.

Unique Features of Sociolus

Uncover social analytics intelligence

Sociolus collapses social media analytics into a single application. This delivers the timely intelligence you need to react faster, improve campaign performance and generate leads. Push brands further forward by responding more quickly and decisively to conversations in the social environment.


  • Top Posts, #s, Channels, and Trends
  • Listen to Your Customers
  • Compare Brand Performance

KPIs reveal if you need to modify strategies and tactics to improve brand performance. Sentiment analysis lets you use what customers say to improve perception. Benchmark your brand and learn how to compete with its most successful competitors.


  • Fans, Influencers and Ambassadors
  • What Successful Brands do Differently
  • How to Market more Effectively

Target the people who shape the marketplace and move others up the ladder of loyalty. Investigate and learn from what the top performing brands are doing. Design campaigns that hit the most influential people with the most effective messaging and content.


  • Create and Schedule Content
  • Relevant, Targeted and in Context
  • Measure the Results

With the campaign tool use trend and loyalty intelligence to create content that engages. Drive more sharing while increasing awareness, engagement and lead generation. See the impact of campaigns on performance and continually review and improve.

Features checked in Sociolus

  • Audience Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Analytics
  • Data Filtering
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Hashtag Monitoring
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Multiple Social Accounts
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Search
  • Team Collaboration

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Sociolus can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.