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POS is dead. The market is moving on. Don't get left behind.

Barcode Scanning
Cash Register / Drawer
Discount Management
Employee Time Clock
Gift Card Management
Inventory Management
Loyalty / Rewards
Multi-Station Management
Online Ordering
Split Bills
Table Management
Transaction Reporting

$49 per month for each register


$99 per month per location

Operating Systems
Operating Systems





United States


Australia, Canada, Mexico, United States


ShopKeep POS replaces traditional expensive point of sale terminals with an easy to use, high-end technology that stores all data in the cloud. Because of the low up-front cost (under $1,000 for all hardware including an iPad), ShopKeep POS is also a financially viable alternative to a basic cash register.

ShopKeep POS comprises two parts: a front-end cash register interface for iPad and a ‘BackOffice’ website where all transaction data is located and available for store owners and managers to view from any web browser. The register front-end is synced with the BackOffice, which provides real-time accurate reports with the click of a button. Finally, a store owner can run their store without being stuck in it.

Instore is the platform you’ve been waiting for to drive your business. Specifically, we help you do two things: 1) reduce the cost of doing business, 2) grow revenue. All in a simple, intuitive package that is easy to set up. Request a free demo to see for yourself. Happy Selling!

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Low cost of getting set up
  • Dead simple to use
  • QuickBooks® integration
  • LevelUp integration
  • 24/7 support

For every merchant who has come to hate their POS, Instore offers a fresh approach. We provide great functionality, but in a design that is incredibly easy to use. Rather than replicate Aloha or Micros on an iPad, we simplify the life of the local merchant with Instore.

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