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A data-driven sales automation platform by creating targeted email campaigns

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Overview of Sendbloom

Make outbound sales feel inbound.

Sendbloom is a data-driven sales automation platform that makes it easy to create hyper-targeted email campaigns.

Reclaim your day: Let us handle the prospecting,

so you can focus on the close.

Know Your Prospects

Use our exhaustive crawlers and company databases to glean valuable contextual information about each prospect on your list.

Nurture Active Campaigns

Easily nurture prospects with multi-touch campaigns, in-thread follow-ups, a built-in spreadsheet editor, and automatic reply-based list management.


View open rates, replies, click-thru rates, bounces, and more — all displayed in Sendbloom’s beautiful and intuitive campaign manager.


Send directly from your Gmail account. Sendbloom is 100% invisible to your prospect, so it looks like you researched, wrote, and sent each message.


Connect your Salesforce account with Sendbloom, and we’ll log detailed correspondence data for each prospect with your CRM.

Unique Features of Sendbloom

Data at your fingertips

A little knowledge about your prospect goes a long way, but manually researching every lead is impractical for all but the smallest of campaigns. Our crawlers and company data library assemble a detailed profile of each prospect, making it easy for you to define data-informed segments and templates without the pain of manual research.

Unprecedented granularity

Introducing the Segment Designer™ by Sendbloom: a first-of-its-kind segmentation tool that enables you to build campaigns of any complexity. Segment prospects on variables from Sendbloom's vast company data library, and optionally integrate your own data for contextually relevant messaging. A beautiful drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and painless to define granular segments.

Tailored messaging

With Sendbloom, you can personalize your outbound emails in ways you've never thought possible. Compose unique templates for each segment you've defined, specify custom merge tags, and draw from Sendbloom's selection of technology merge tags to craft messaging tailored to each recipient.

Analytics & Reporting

Instant, beautiful feedback

Track key campaign and segment-level metrics with the Sendbloom Campaign Manager. View opens, replies, link clicks, bounces and more — all on an individual prospect level. Integrate with Salesforce to log correspondence data with your CRM.

Features checked in Sendbloom

  • Aggregated Contact Profiles
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Automated Engagement
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Lead Qualification Rules
  • Marketing Tools
  • Response Templating
  • Team Collaboration
  • Workflow Management

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