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Powerful pipeline to work in team and keep customer satisfaction under control

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Overview of Sellsy CRM

Sellsy is one integrated suite for sales management: CRM pipelines, Invoicing, Time Tracking, HelpDesk, ERP, POS, and much more convenient features. 

Since 2009, our mission is to make SMB's work easier by providing a seamless environment: everything is in one single app! 

Today Sellsy assists more than 6,000 entrepreneurs running their daily businesses, all over the world, to transform the way they manage their sales and delight their customers. 

You'll love our solution. 

Unique Features of Sellsy CRM

The pipeline view: ultimate CRM visualization

With the pipeline view, you see the live status of your business opportunities.

Collect your leads straight from your website

Use our Wordpress, Drupal and Prestashop modules to automate opportunities generation.

Powerful task management to stay organized

Timeliness is a critical element of customer relationship. An email sent too late often becomes a lost case.

Complete email management

Email is still one of your clients' favorite tools. Sellsy helps you make the best of it.

Sellsy's client record: all the info you need

At any time, Sellsy's customer record displays all the necessary information about your customer.

Features checked in Sellsy CRM

  • 2-Way Email Integration
  • Bulk Email Sending
  • Calendar Management
  • Calls Automatically Tracked
  • Contacts, Leads & Opportunities
  • Customer Portal
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Email Templates
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Track Email Link Clicks
  • Track Email Opens

Specifications for Sellsy CRM


$44.90 - Varies per month,  $7.50 per additional staff

Operating Systems

United States