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Overview of SearchSpring

SearchSpring enhances ecommerce sites with rich and engaging shopping solutions that significantly improve product findability. SearchSpring's intelligent site search and faceted navigation software offers play-and-play integration across most major platforms. Use SearchSpring to build e-commerce sites that customers love to shop!

Unique Features of SearchSpring

SearchSpring not only provides advanced search with relevant category navigation, but also provides a learning system that gets smarter and more relevant as your customers use your site. On average, at least 15% of your site visitors use search. These are motivated buyers with a goal in mind, to purchase a product. 15% may not sound like a large impact, but that 15% can account for at least 50% or more of your total revenue. Without an adequate search solution, these consumers will quickly abandon your site in favor of a site that provides what they are looking for easier and faster.

Features checked in SearchSpring

  • API Access
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Customize Result Rankings
  • Mobile Search Functionality
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Real-Time Indexing
  • Real-Time Results Faceting
  • Real-Time Spellchecking
  • Rich Auto-Complete
  • Site Navigation Management
  • Synonyms

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