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Overview of RocketHub

RocketHub is an international and open community that has helped thousands of artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and social leaders raise millions of dollars.

Since launch, RocketHub has utilized the power of crowdfunding to build a vibrant and rapidly-expanding online community. Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a mainstream concept – with RocketHub leading the way. RocketHub is developing a new media exchange that will give artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, etc. the ability to raise funds and the opportunity to be supported by established brands.

Unique Features of RocketHub

  • Free to launch and no upfront barriers
  • Keep the funds you raise (not an 'all or nothing' model)
  • Fastest payout, lower fees
  • Latest industry news
  • Opportunity for broad exposure on A&E
  • Potential to have A&E as your funder - significant funds allocated to RocketHub projects
  • International access
  • Unique, simple crowdfunding
  • education - curriculum and tools
  • Most diverse community - art,
  • science, business, and social good

Features checked in RocketHub

  • Accredited Investors
  • All-or-Nothing Funding
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Fund Products
  • Fund a Business Idea
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Marketing Tools
  • Offer Backer Rewards
  • Offer Equity Stake
  • Partial Funding
  • Reward Fulfillment Management

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%4-8 + Processing Fees

Operating Systems