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Overview of Referral Candy

If you want more customers and you operate an online store we have the app for you.

ReferralCandy enables you to easily amplify your word-of-mouth with customizable, automated referral campaigns.

Amplify Social Referrals

With a word of mouth marketing program, your business grows when your customers refer their friends to your website.

Increase Your Sales

A refer-a-friend program is a powerful customer acquisition tool that will help you hit your revenue targets.

Smart Referral Tracking

Our referral analytics dashboard shows you what customers are saying about you and how your referral program is driving sales.

Hassle-free flexibility

Easy to set up, fully automated, and comes with a host of configuration options to suit your business needs.

Unique Features of Referral Candy

It's easy for people to participate

Invite participants: Send an email to customers or show a popup after they make a purchase, include a link in your newsletters, manually invite them through the ReferralCandy dashboard or invite them in bulk through a CSV upload.

Or let participants sign up themselves: Include a link on your website to your Access Page.

Encourage word-of-mouth with a 2-sided incentive referral program

Studies show that 49% of consumers make recommendations to help their friends. With ReferralCandy, encourage participants to spread the word by giving them an offer they can pass to their friends AND compound this effect by giving them a reward when their friends make a purchase.

Social media integration makes it easy to share

Participants can simply forward referral emails to friends straight from their mail clients, click Facebook and Twitter buttons to share directly on their social networks, or just copy and paste their referral link in chat windows.

Integration with leading ecommerce platforms

Step-by-step instructions for 20+ Ecommerce Platforms* to make integration a breeze. If you're on a custom set up, integration just involves 2 steps - inserting a tracking code and forwarding invoice emails to the app.

See the platforms we integrate with on this page below.

Features checked in Referral Candy

  • API Access
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Email Designer
  • Email Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Referral Link Management
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Reward Management
  • Social Media Integration

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Specifications for Referral Candy


$25/mo - $885/mo + Commission

Operating Systems

United States