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Behavior insight surveys for smarter A/B testing.

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Overview of Qualaroo

Analytics tells you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why.

Qualaroo uncovers customer insights that lead to better business results.

At Qualaroo we believe marketers should be empowered to execute programs that maximize the value of their website visitors.

With a small snippet of code, Qualaroo makes it possible to target prompts by user behavior, specified needs, demographics, or any other internal data. These prompts can be used to get insights about visitors, influence their behavior, and ultimately turn them into valuable customers.

Unique Features of Qualaroo

Target Questions: 

Ask the right visitor the right question, at the right time. Target surveys and prompts by time on page, number of visits, referring search term or your own internal data. You can even target by custom variables such as number of items in a shopping cart.

Exit Surveys: 

Let’s face it, most website visitors leave without ever taking any action. Trigger a survey as a visitor is about to abandon a shopping cart, download page or any other page on your site. Qualaroo’s exit surveys let you capture the real reasons visitors aren’t converting.

Skip Logic: 

Qualaroo includes skip logic so you can serve a unique follow up question based on a previous answer. If a user mentions a certain feature is important, you can follow up to understand why. Peel back layers until you get to the heart of a need or issue.

Question Library: 

Ask the perfect question with our library of best practice questions and surveys. Use them as is or tweak existing surveys to meet your specific needs.

2 Minute Setup: 

Get up and running fast. Just copy and paste our javascript code into your website footer and you’ll be able to target any visitor anywhere on your site.


Add your logo, change the color scheme and make Qualaroo look like its been a part of your website from the start.

Integrate Qualaroo: 

With our enterprise plan you can connect Qualaroo to Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Optimizely and more. Add voice of customer data to your existing customer and marketing platforms.

Features checked in Qualaroo

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Question Widget
  • Exit Surveys
  • Feedback Community
  • Net Promoter Score Surveys
  • Skip Logic
  • Targeted Questions
  • Works in Mobile Apps
  • Works on Mobile Screens

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$79 - $249 / Month

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