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Project status pages maintain project momentum with less work.

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Overview of ProjectPulse

ProjectPulse creates project status pages to better communicate project progress, maintain project momentum, and reduce daily emails with clients and colleagues. With only a single landing page per project, you're able to easily see and share the timeline of milestones without learning a new system and forcing people to login.

Unique Features of ProjectPulse

ProjectPulse is the first project management app to be milestone-oriented instead of task-oriented. In essence, status pages are a client presentation tool. Clients only see the key milestones of a project, don’t have to create an account, don’t need their status page explained to them and can subscribe to status pages for updates.

Features checked in ProjectPulse

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Assign Tasks
  • Attach Files
  • Browser Plugin
  • Built-In Calendar
  • Commenting
  • Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Online Calendar Integration
  • Online Drive Integration
  • Take Notes
  • Team Collaboration

Specifications for ProjectPulse


Free - $95

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