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The Poynt Smart Terminal is the next evolution in business technology.


Toast is an all-in-one cloud and tablet based restaurant management system.

Accounting Integration
Barcode Scanning
Cash Register / Drawer
Credit Card Processing
Customer Account Profiles
Discount Management
Gift Card Management
Inventory Management
Manage Employees
Multi-Station Management
Table Management
Transaction Analytics




Operating Systems
Operating Systems





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United States


Introducing Poynt - the world's first smart payment terminal. We're on a mission to bring the best technology to the smallest merchants. We've created a future-proof payment terminal with support for traditional cards, chip & PIN cards, NFC (Google Wallet and ApplePay), QR Code and Beacon - it support all 5 payment technologies relevant for the next decade. It also has a beautiful 7" touch screen and a Quad core processor that can third party applications. It's a powerful computing device at the price of a payment terminal built to meet the EMV mandate but go much further.

Toast restaurant management system gives restaurant owners remote access to monitor and modify all aspects of their business from anywhere in the world, using any device with internet access. Toast offers handheld tablets that allow restaurants to take orders, fire them directly to specific prep stations, and accept payments table-side, helping restaurants to serve more customers by drastically increasing turn times. Guests can also sign and tip right on the tablet interface and request digital receipts. The integrated loyalty and gift card programs are optimized to help restaurants increase visitation rates and average check sizes. 

Unique Features & Benefits

A smarter way to pay

Poynt accepts all of today's payment types; NFC (Apple Pay), Chip (EMV), magnetic strip. Plus Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, QR, and more.

Connect with your customers

One screen for your customers, one screen for you.

Amazing apps that give you and your business superpowers.

So whatever features you require to run your business, chances are we have an app for that.

A remote control for your business

Poynt HQ helps you monitor and manage your transactions from anywhere, in real time.

Poynt is built for standing out

The Poynt Smart Terminal is open and flexible so that it can sync with and power any business.

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant management system, which means restaurant owners do not have to juggle different vendors for each additional feature or service they want. With Toast, online ordering, physical and digital gift cards, loyalty programs, and a detailed customer database are integrated features built right in to the all-in-one Toast system. As a result, restaurant owners can monitor and modify their entire business in one central location, from anywhere, using any device with internet access. 

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