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Overview of Populr

Create & Share One-Pagers to Get Results

Communicate your business and sales messages beautifully with web pages you can assemble as easily as powerpoint slides. With Populr, you don't need a programmer or designer to make an impact on the web.

Create a one-pager quickly with our drag and drop automatic layout engine

Share your page via social media, email, and more, then track response to that page

Work faster by duplicating your pages, collaborating with others, and tracking revisions

Unique Features of Populr

With Populr's powerful features, you'll be able to super-charge your business communication in no time at all.

Professional Themes

Focus on your content while Populr takes care of impressing your audience with good design.


Reach your audience effectively, whether they are at their computer or on the road.

Sharing & Analytics

Gain insight into your communication loop by sharing your pages and tracking your recipients' engagement.

Privacy & Security

Secure your private information with password-protected pages and encrypted file transfer.

Drag & Drop Editing

Know exactly what your pages will look like as you edit them. Drag and edit content and see the results immediately.

Customized Branding

Reflect your brand by uploading logos, changing the background & font, and pointing custom domains to your pages.

Library Archive

Avoid wasting time searching for frequently used documents, images, and embeds.


Personalize your message for different audiences by rapidly copying & editing your pages.


Enlist the help of others by inviting them to edit your pages. Revert changes if you need to go back.

Features checked in Populr

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Automated Emails
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Personalization
  • Custom HTML and CSS
  • Design Templates
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Gated Content
  • Lead Capture Tools
  • Social Sharing Widgets
  • WYSIWYG Builder

Specifications for Populr


Free - Custom per month

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