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Accept Credit Cards, eChecks, and Bitcoin - ALL for 0% Transaction Fees

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Overview of PayStand

PayStand is the only payment gateway in the world that allows for 0% Transaction Fees to merchants. All 3 ways to pay electronically are combined in one single-click checkout screen. Merchants can choose to let their customers pay with Credit Cards, eChecks/Dwolla, and/or eCash/Bitcoin. Our checkout screen is fully customizable and brand-able for each Merchant, stays on the merchants website instead of re-directing to a 3rd party payment website, and does not require customers to log-in to PayStand to pay. 

PayStand offers eCommerce for Small/Medium size enterprises that want a simple and easy solution to drag and drop on their website. Everything is managed from one place, the PayStand dashboard, and every merchant is given a personal PayStand website that they can customize and use if they like. For merchants that have eCommerce software they use, PayStand can  integrate to be solely their checkout experience.

PayStand offers socially smart checkouts that work in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so that Merchant's social presence and following can be efficiently monetized and checkout can occur in stream. 

Each merchant gets a personal Customer Success Officer, and a phone number to call anytime to speak with a human. Order history, customer information, inventory tracking, custom shipping rates, and all that you would expect of a modern payment/eCommerce software are made fully available.

Unique Features of PayStand

The only payment gateway in the world that:

  • Allows the merchant to receive online payment without the evil of transaction fees, 0% fees.
  • Allows for all 3 electronic payment methods (Credit Card, eCheck, Bitcoin) and in one checkout screen.
  • Gives a Brand-able/Customizable checkout screen that stays on a merchants website, instead of redirecting.

Features checked in PayStand

  • API Access
  • Apple Pay Acceptance
  • Bitcoin Acceptance
  • Crowdfunding Payments
  • Data Portability
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Marketplace Payments
  • Mobile Payments Integration
  • Multi-Currency Payments
  • Next-Day Deposits
  • PayPal Acceptance
  • Recurring Billing

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Specifications for PayStand


$24 - $299/month

Operating Systems

United States


Bitcoin, USD