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PayRandom is a gamified payment method including a price roulette which determin

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Overview of PayRandom

PayRandom will help you growing your sales by making your products more attractive!

With PayRandom, your visitors get the opportunity to buy a product with a big discount or even for Free.

They will enjoy shopping with you because you are offering them a fun way to purchase, having the possibility of buying a product at a price randomly fixed by a roulette.

PayRandom runs with PayPal payment gateway giving all the security, reliability and extreme flexibility process. With PayRandom your customers will have the confidence to have a leading brand in transactions giving you all the assurance of a safe purchase.

You can easily associate a price roulette to a product, getting more attention from your customers because the lowest price of the roulette is the one promoted by including a powerful claim in the product photo at your Home Page.

The roulette has always 8 prices, and you have the possibility to add the alternative of a fixed price to increase your conversion rate.

You will have information about the necessary minimum sales to reach average price of the roulette.

The PayRandom extension has very easy and flexible configuration. Defining roulette prices, there is an ability to specify products where your customers can use PayRandom. So you can display PayRandom for promoted products only.

The conditions for PayRandom are made the same way as in Catalog Product, so the process is familiar to every Magento-based store owner. You don’t need to create a new product, you can add a roulette at a product already set up.

You will also have a PayRandom access in your Magento backend, including all the information related to your PayRandom products, roulettes and sales.

Start to amuse your customers and boost your sales now!

Unique Features of PayRandom

Generate more traffic to your website

PayRandom gives you a powerful new type of claim creating more effective marketing campaigns. Increase customer acquisition ratios (WOM and viral amplification) and user registrations.

Make your prices more attractive

Random prices give additional value to your products, so selling at the same price you will get more purchases. Stand out from your competition!

Grow your conversion rate

Increase your product sales by taking advantage of this new sales channel and getting into a new target.

Set up your PayRandom deals tailored to your products

You can either set up the prices of your roulette or choose a predefined roulette, being really easier to create offers attractive to your target audience. In addition to that, we give you an estimation of the necessary minimum sales to reach the average price of the roulette as well as the roulette attraction.
In the Product Page, your customer will not only see the 8 prices of the roulette but also the fixed price if available.

Track what matters to you

Track engagement, clicks, conversions or anything else that matters to you and your business. PayRandom reports provide information to optimize the use of roulettes and make most efficient.

Maintain total control

You will have 100% control of the performance and chances of any roulette you use, by fixing the estimated price and range of discounts individually. PayRandom platform is built to service users of all-types, from large enterprises, to agencies, to small businesses and more. With this in mind, the platform has administrative and project management functionality - easily create new campaigns, organize your promotions and view your transaction history in an intuitive and easily navigable dashboard.

Engage your users

Random prices using gamification will provide you with more enthusiastic customers. PayRandom give to your customers an innovative shopping experience.

Increase your customer satisfaction

You will incorporate an emotional element that will strongly connect you to your users from the start, enhancing the perceived value.

Fun and exciting purchases

The possibility to get huge discounts of up to 100% (Free) lets your users enjoy a unique experience when buying on your website.

Features checked in PayRandom

  • A/B Testing
  • API Access
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Segmentation
  • Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Triggers
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Workflow Management

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Free - $199 per month

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PayRandom can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.