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Project management app that bundles task management, time tracking and invoicing

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Overview of Paymo

Paymo is a simple online project management app form small and medium businesses that offers task management, time tracking and invoicing in one single app.

Manage projects, collaborate, measure & get paid

Project management is complex but the software to handle it doesn’t have to be. Paymo allows you to accurately track time spent on tasks, identify project bottlenecks and help your team be more productive.

Get everyone on the same page and stay organized

Sharing everything with your team, keeping track of progress, ideas and costs will keep you on top. Don’t get distracted by organizing things: find anything using Paymo’s global search, customize the interface & tools.

Wave goodbye to project management headaches

Break projects down into manageable task lists & tasks, delegate responsibilities in a few clicks, set milestones. Keep everyone on the same page with discussions & file sharing.

Keeping time just got a whole lot easier.

Paymo will help you capture every moment you spend on a project or a task. No more guesstimates when it comes to billing or explaining to a client where all time was spent.

Unique Features of Paymo

Paymo offers all the following in a single app:

  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • Time Tracking
  • Timesheet Reports
  • Invoicing & Estimates

Features checked in Paymo

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Assign Tasks
  • Attach Files
  • Browser Plugin
  • Built-In Calendar
  • Commenting
  • Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Online Calendar Integration
  • Online Drive Integration
  • Take Notes
  • Team Collaboration

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