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Nurph is The Twitter Chat Platform.

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Overview of Nurph

Here at Nurph we believe the underground World of Twitter Chats will grow in to something incredible. We just need a platform that nurtures and fosters Twitter Chats by making them easy to participate in, easy to run, and easy to share. That's Nurph - The Twitter Chat Platform. Incorporated in 2009, and with years of work invested prior to that, Nurph is only just getting started. You ain't seen Nurphin' yet.

Unique Features of Nurph

This is a regularly updated list of @Nurph #Channel features. 

  • Ownership
  • Timeline
  • Hashtag Streaming
  • Participants List
  • Latest Tweet
  • Auto-Complete
  • @Replies
  • @Response Highlighting
  • ReTweets
  • Emoticons
  • Tweet Permalinks
  • Sound Effects
  • Browser Notifications
  • Character Counter
  • Snazzy URLs
  • Design

Features checked in Nurph

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Commenting System
  • Complaint Monitoring
  • Design Customization
  • Embeddable Widgets
  • Feature Requests
  • Feedback Collection
  • Market Research
  • Survey Management
  • User Forum Creation
  • User-Generated Channels

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Nurph can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.