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Easily extract and classify information from text

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Overview of MonkeyLearn

MonkeyLearn enables any developer, startup, or small and medium-sized enterprise to easily create and incorporate text mining capabilities into their own platforms, applications and websites.

Here are some examples of markets use MonkeyLearn:


  • Ecommerce sites and shops can profile users by what products or services they buy or are likely to buy to:
    • Boost sales with optimal product recommendations.
    • Improve user experience (people will se more relevant products based on their interests)

Sales and customer support:

  • Sales and customer support teams can classify emails by topic to:
    • Sort emails based in the language they are written for a contact center app.
    • Send the email to the most relevant department / area / person (for example send a given email to sales, or to customer support or to the technical department, etc).

Unique Features of MonkeyLearn

Easy to use

No Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing knowledge is required. Just play with our elegant UI and our Patent Pending Algorithm creation Engine.

Customized for your needs

Pick a pre-trained module or create your own text mining module from scratch. Upload your text data and train your custom machine learning model.

Instant Integration

Integrate with your project within minutes, MonkeyLearn is compatible with all major programming languages.

Features checked in MonkeyLearn

  • API Access
  • Chart Creation
  • Custom API Creation
  • Data Export
  • Site Monitoring

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