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Overview of Majestic SEO

Majestic provides backlink intelligence to SEO specialists. We believe we are the planet's most comprehensive backlink information provider, and offer a number of tools to access this valuable resource.

In addition to our free services, we enable registered users to test our services free of charge by generating reports for sites they control. Registration is free, and our highly competitive subscription plans start at low prices, with 1 month minimum commitment, and offer a number of tools to enable analysis of competing domains to be performed. 

For enterprise users, we offer an API service for internal use which enables developers to integrate our data into new or existing suites of reports and applications.

Unique Features of Majestic SEO

  • Our data, in your browser
  • Check out their history
  • Instant summaries
  • Create comparison charts
  • Twitter Rankings
  • Who's in the top million websites?
  • Compare huge URL lists
  • Collect your favourite URLs
  • Create Tracking Reports
  • New and Lost Links

Features checked in Majestic SEO

  • API Access
  • Ad Management
  • Competitor Research
  • Content Analytics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Data Export
  • Domain Searches
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Report Generation
  • Social Channel Integration

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$50 - $400 / Month

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