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Collaborative Live Chat for Websites

API Access
Agent Management
Alerts and Notifications
Analytics and Reporting
CRM Integration
Chat Transfer
Co-Browsing Support
Custom Triggers
Knowledge Base
Templating and Macros
Ticket Creation

$16 to $149/month


Free - $102 / Month

Operating Systems
Operating Systems









LiveChat is a chat software tool that improves your online customer service. It enables you to immediately respond to customers’ questions and monitor their online behavior.

With LiveChat, you can serve several customers at once,without keeping them waiting. By issuing customized chat greetings, you can proactively engage visitors and start a chat with them. While chatting, you can easily send and receive files without having to resort to 3rd party services.

The LiveChat window comes in 36 languages and a variety of colors and styles. To make the chat option more visible for your visitors, you can set up an eye-catcher that will get their attention. You can also adjust the feel and look of the chat window using CSS styles. 

A chat system customizable to your audience

We Believe That a chat window to look shoulds native icts website. This is why we offer extensive customization options. Build your own fully customized chat buttons and adapted the chat window to fit the style and identity of your business.

An intuitive backend for efficient chatting

Userlike is built around simplicity and ease of use. Your operators Service Will Be familiar with Userlike's dashboard and chat panel in no time. At the time we've Sami ensured a natural and effective workflow entre team members and a smart routing of incoming cats.

Designed for data driven companies

Track the success of your efforts chat. Stay on top and start a process of continuous optimization using our analytical features and documentation. Set up and track your goals, see how Each operator is performing, uses tags and filters options to Efficiently process the requests.

Unique Features & Benefits


Quickly respond to your customers and handle several chats at once using the chat improvements.


Keep the communication going and handle cases via tickets.


Fine-tune the look of your live chat and develop your brand awareness.


Assign case-specific tags to chats and tickets to easily find them in the Archives.


Share file with your website visitors over chat.


A wide range of applications you can use to monitor your site and chat with visitors.


Easy access to your previous communication with visitors.


Encourage your online visitors to start a chat with you through a personalized chat greeting or a custom chat button.


Useful social media integrations will help you grow and nurture your social media presence and follower base.

Team Work

Effective teamwork is key to an amazing delivery service. With Userlike we've ensured a natural and efficient workflow entre team members. Incoming cats are Automatically Delegated to the operator with the fewest cats At That time, cats can Easily BE Forwarded entre operators and operators can Effectively BE grouped in teams.

ADAPTS To Your Needs

ALTHOUGH Userlike is a standardized product, the open and flexible Manner in qui it is built allows it to Be Extended and adapté to your preferences and business processes. With a custom package we can offer a full service package, guiding the implementation based on your goals, Offering know-how and training. Ask us for a quote.

No Downloads Required

Userlike is Software-as-a-Service. It's not Necessary to Download Any software. Integrate by copy-and-pasting your code Userlike Into your website and start chatting straight from your dashboard.

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