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Dynamic URL with multiple destinations and real-time analytics

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Overview of Linkredirector

Linkredirector lets you use one dynamic short link to route visitors to multiple destinations, with real time statistics.

Benefits for marketers - with Linkredirector you can update the URL of your links after you have published them.

Update the links on your printed merchandise or in social media and send your visitors to a new landing page.

Benefits for app developers - Linkredirector providers marketing links that sends your visitors to the appropriate app store instead of your intermediate landing page.

Sending visitors directly to the app store is likely to increase your number of downloads by 15-30% as you will eliminate the bounce rate of your website.

You get real time statistics of everyone that clicks your link. We provide detailed insights in what mobile phone, operating system and browser they are using.

Unique Features of Linkredirector

Linkredirector is SaaS and does not require any integration, server installation or upfront investment of any kind. It takes just a few simple steps to set-up your first dynamic URL which you can update at any time. Linkredirector has a great set of features that empower you to run A/B tests, segment out different consumers groups and analyze traffic coming via your links in real-time.

Features checked in Linkredirector

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Browser Plugin
  • Custom Link Shortening
  • Export Links
  • Feed Aggregation
  • Link Tagging
  • Link Tracking
  • Page Caching
  • Search Functionality
  • Team Collaboration
  • Visual Bookmarks

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Specifications for Linkredirector


Free - $249 per Month

Operating Systems





Linkredirector can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.