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Overview of LeadDyno

LeadDyno provides you a simple, automated system for running an affiliate program and tracking where your leads are coming from. Getting started can take as little as a few hours and, with our premium plans, LeadDyno developers can assist you and your team as you get LeadDyno dialed in for your website.

We created LeadDyno because we wanted easy affiliate tracking software for ourselves, and for our affiliates who help us sell our product and promote our website.

LeadDyno is really simple to setup. You'll have your affiliate program up and running in no time. And we're here to help - we offer complimentary live support 7 days a week.

Unique Features of LeadDyno

Fast Affiliate Sign Up

You'll get your very own Affiliate Sign Up page... which you can fully customize, brand, and even embed directly on your own website.

"One-Click" Social Sharing

Your affiliates will share their link with their friends and colleagues with via "one-click" social sharing - to Email, Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

Seamless Integrations

It's a "one-click" plugin for E-Commerce stores like Shopify and Bigcommerce. And you can use LeadDyno as a lead front-end for your CRM system, too.

Pay Affiliates Automatically

Pay your affiliates automatically or with "one-click" approval using Paypal, Dwolla or even Coinbase. LeadDyno totals affiliate commissions for you on the fly.

The Affiliate Dashboard

Upload banner ads, import your marketing copy and materials, and help affiliates create their own custom links to specific product pages and subdomains.

Customize To Your Website & Brand

LeadDyno’s Affiliate Dashboard is fully customizable and embeddable, so you can "white label" your affiliate program with your own brand and logo. 

Features checked in LeadDyno

  • Ad Tracking
  • Affiliate Link Management
  • Affiliate Management
  • Affiliate Portal
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Bid Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Multiple Campaign Support
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Segment by Search Engine
  • Shopping Cart Integration

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$49 to $149 Per Month

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