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Overview of Kabbage

Kabbage delivers small businesses financing. Both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar small businesses turn to Kabbage when they need fast cash advances.

Kabbage is a top online provider of working capital to small businesses. Kabbage has built the world’s fastest platform to provide capital to small businesses, funding companies within 7 minutes. Kabbage leverages data generated by dozens of business operations to understand performance and deliver fast, flexible funding in real time. Data sources include eBay, Amazon, UPS, PayPal, shipping analytics and many others.

The advances are paid back over a six month period. See the screen shot above to see the repayment schedule.

Get the money you need to grow your store today. Kabbage makes getting funding simple. Join today!

Unique Features of Kabbage

Get up to $100K! Free and secure application/Approval within minutes!

Draw against your line as often as every 24 hours

Pay only for what you take & no early payment fees

Min. sales of $2,500/month required & must be in business for a min. of 1 year

Features checked in Kabbage

  • Apply Online (not by fax)
  • Builds Business Credit
  • Credit Check Required
  • Online Quote
  • Same Day Decision
  • Visa & Mastercard Processing Required

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Specifications for Kabbage


1%- 10%

Operating Systems

UK, United States