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Overview of HubYard

HubYard is a simple social media management tool for monitoring feeds, curating content, and posting to your social channels.

Unique Features of HubYard

Hub and Spoke System

Similar to special feeds and dashboards, but now hubs are unlimited and spokes we've added much more spokes.

Buffer Integration

You can post from HubYard to Buffer or send an article or post you like there through the + button.

Open communication channel

We've opened up a forum for you to give us your ideas!


Allows you to recreate the "main feed" we used to have.

Moveable feeds

Simple but useful when reorganizing

Chat feature

Currently set up to manage tumblr and twitter message, we'll add facebook too!

Connection Based

You can connect up to 6 of any network for free, meaning 5 twitters and one Facebook. Whatever you decide, and you can place them all in your space.

Custom notifications + Analytics

Features checked in HubYard

  • Automated Publishing
  • CRM
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Curation
  • Custom Feed Integration
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Follower Management
  • Influencer Discovery
  • Multiple Social Accounts
  • Post Scheduling
  • Team Collaboration

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