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Overview of Hive

In times of social networks and smartphones we share links all day. Shorten links, share and keep track of them with HIVE. It's more than just a typical link shortener, it is an all-in-one web solution with a full host of analytics, enhancement tools and applications.

Social Hive

Schedule or instantly send messages to your social media via Hive, social hive is available for Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter Profile and Google+ Pages. For more info check out Social Hive Post.

Unique Features of Hive


  • Rather than having a simple prompt box, by joining HIVE you get access to your very own webmaster dashboard were you have access to a number of applications including the investigation of analytic data, a link storing record and an easy link conversion tool. From the dashboard you can access all of the tools that HIVE has to offer as well as quickly shorten a series of links that you might have listed.

All your links in one place


  • Track each of your links to make sure that they are receiving the proper amount of engagement and that they are continuing to generate new visitors. HIVE’s analytics system showcases exactly where links are being accessed from, the type of devices that are accessing the links, the areas in which the links are being followed most and some of the extra back links that are sharing the same links that you produced.

Detailed stats of your links

  • By shortening your links with HIVE you get access to detailed statistics for free with every shortened link that you produce.

Link Settings

Advanced link options


  • Customize preferences for link shortening based off of your account, choose link shortening based off of geographical location and assign different analytic reports and tracking for links throughout your profile.

Features checked in Hive

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Browser Plugin
  • Custom Link Shortening
  • Export Links
  • Feed Aggregation
  • Link Tagging
  • Link Tracking
  • Page Caching
  • Search Functionality
  • Team Collaboration
  • Visual Bookmarks

Specifications for Hive


Free - PRO $10 per Month

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