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Overview of Gain

Facebook is hard for agencies and media teams, as they are forced to completely rethink the way they structure their marketing efforts. Gain helps by managing your strategy around great content, showing you exactly how organic and paid engagement is boosting your brand's message and conversions.

Gain also facilitates these efforts within large teams where responsibilities are divided. Now creatives, editors, account managers, the media department, and the client can all have a cohesive workflow. It does all this with simple, beautiful, powerful tools and, of course, awesome reporting capabilities.

Unique Features of Gain

Gain Score

Comments, likes, shares, photo views, link clicks… what does it all mean at the end of the day? Track the most important user interactions and performance indicators in a simple to understand (and client friendly) Gain Score, calculated automatically for every post you publish and every page you manage.

Plus these other great features:

  • A Better Social Media Calendar.
  • Manage Client Approvals Painlessly.
  • Bring Your Team Together Under One Tool.
  • A Post Editor Creatives Will Love.
  • One Dashboard to Rule Them All.
  • Know Which Content is Working for You.

Features checked in Gain

  • Automated Publishing
  • Browser Extension
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Curation
  • Content Management
  • Cross-Channel Publishing
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Multiple Social Accounts
  • Post Scheduling
  • Post Time Optimization
  • Tag Recommendations
  • Team Collaboration

Specifications for Gain


$49 / Month

Operating Systems





Gain can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.