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Overview of Fundrazr

Fundrazr offers entrepreneurs, creatives & small businesses a place to crowdfund capital for growth and product fulfillment.

How it Works:

  1. Create - Anyone can start a FundRazr campaign in minutes for FREE.
  2. Share - Your campaign spreads through social networks and contacts.
  3. Collect - You receive funds online. Access your money right away. More

Unique Features of Fundrazr

Social Super Powers

Turns your supporters into advocates, resulting in 3x more visibility on Facebook and social networks. Supporters’ & donors’ activities get posted in their social news feeds, reaching more people for a campaign.

Superior Rewards

Rewards allow for campaigners to pre-sell and give back to contributors. Visual rewards increase social media visibility. The rewards share feature creates more user engagement.

More Accessible

Full campaign functionality on Facebook (Facebook App). Full campaign functionality on your website. Mobile and tablet responsive design. Crowdfunding in 26 currencies and over 37 countries worldwide.

Features checked in Fundrazr

  • Accredited Investors
  • All-or-Nothing Funding
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Fund Products
  • Fund a Business Idea
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Marketing Tools
  • Offer Backer Rewards
  • Offer Equity Stake
  • Partial Funding
  • Reward Fulfillment Management

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%5 + Processing Fees

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