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The simple way to picture revenue, profit and cash flow scenarios.

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Overview of Dryrun

Dryrun is the simple, clear and fast way to manage your cash flow and key financial compare scenarios. 

It's a highly flexible tool that's easy-to-use, fast and clear. You can even collaborate with partners and finance pros. 

Dryun uniquely allows you to compare scenarios, evaluate your options and make decisions.

Use nearly any device with a browser to access your data. It’s stored securely in the cloud and available when and where you need it. 

- Track your invoice dates

- Manage payables (AP) and receivables (AR)

- Build and manage your budget

- Set sales goals and track progress

- Compare cash flow scenarios

- Model growth scenarios

- Time major purchases

- Plan expansion

- Build complete cash flow projections


- Access Dryrun from nearly any browser

- Share projects with other Dryrun users

- Specify read/write or read-only privileges

- Export graphs and spreadsheets

Unique Features of Dryrun

Move Beyond Spreadsheets

  • purpose-built to compare your options
  • faster, easier, more powerful than spreadsheets
  • works great for teams.
  • Export your cash flow statement
  • Uncluttered and Clear Cash Flow
  • control what you see
  • high-light key numbers
  • crystal-clear graphs
  • Compare Scenarios in Seconds
  • test assumptions in just a few clicks
  • rough in numbers on-the-fly
  • simple, straight-forward interface
  • Collaborate and Share
  • simple sharing
  • control read/write access
  • export graphs, spreadsheets and a cash flow statement
  • Features checked in Dryrun

    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Approval Module
    • Audit Trail
    • Capital Asset Planning
    • Consolidation / Roll-Up
    • Forecasting
    • Profit / Loss Statements
    • Project Budgeting
    • Receipt Management
    • Tax Preparation
    • Time Tracking
    • What If Scenarios

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    Specifications for Dryrun


    From $15-$79/month when paid annually.,  From $19-$99/month paid monthly

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