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An app store for reports. One-click install for marketers, operations and sales.

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Overview of DataDash

Everyone wants better reporting, but few people have the time to create great reports. DataDash is a simple solution: pre-built reporting apps you install with one click. Best of all, you can easily customize our reports to adapt to changing needs and new data.

Unique Features of DataDash

  • Save time with pre-built reports
  • Flexible and fully customizable
  • Looks great on tablets and mobile
  • Affordable, flexible pricing

Features checked in DataDash

  • Chart Building Wizard
  • Charting API
  • Embed Code for Charts
  • Flash Charts
  • Geographical Mapping
  • Import Data from Any Source
  • Infographic Generation
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Live Data Sources
  • Responsive Charts
  • WYSIWYG Chart Builder

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