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Build charts online with the easy to use ChartBlock chart designer interface.

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Overview of ChartBlocks Charts

The online chart building tool.

The world's easiest chart builder app. Design and share a chart in minutes.

Import your data, design your chart and then start sharing it.

No coding required. Build a chart in minutes in the easy to use chart designer, choosing from dozens of chart types and then customising it to your needs.

Unique Features of ChartBlocks Charts

Import data - Spreadsheets, databases, even live feeds. Import data from anywhere. We will also guide you through the import process.

Wizard - Use the simple chart building wizard to pick the right data for your chart.

Customize & design - Control almost every aspect of your chart with hundreds of customization options; from colors, sizes and fonts to adding grids and changing the number ticks on your axes.

Sharing tools - Grab the embed code to put your chart on your own website or share it instantly. We've done all of the work for you so that when you post to Facebook or Twitter you'll see your chart embedded directly on the page or stream.

Features checked in ChartBlocks Charts

  • Chart Building Wizard
  • Charting API
  • Embed Code for Charts
  • Flash Charts
  • Geographical Mapping
  • Import Data from Any Source
  • Infographic Generation
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Live Data Sources
  • Responsive Charts
  • WYSIWYG Chart Builder

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Free - £40 per month

Operating Systems

China, France, Japan, Spain, UK