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Overview of BORN

BORN.COM is a platform for young designers to exhibit their work to the world. 

It is a space where people, collectively, can invest in great creative projects. It is where the great designer brands of tomorrow can be brought to life today.

Unique Features of BORN

A Top Quality Company

The Born group of companies is one of the world’s greatest promoters of quality design.

100% Owned by You

You retain full ownership. It’s your creativity, your work, your vision. It’s yours: 100%

Selected by Experts

Projects only appear on this site once they’re approved by expert designers and buyers.

Professional Support

We can provide Project Assistants to create persuasive presentations of your work.

Targeted to Enthusiasts

Visitors to this site share your passion, and want to be the first to embrace your work.

High Level Promotion

Born promotes the best projects to all the right people in the most exclusive places.

Features checked in BORN

  • Accredited Investors
  • All-or-Nothing Funding
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Contact Management
  • Fund Products
  • Fund a Business Idea
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Marketing Tools
  • Offer Backer Rewards
  • Offer Equity Stake
  • Partial Funding
  • Reward Fulfillment Management

Specifications for BORN


%12 Commission

Operating Systems