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Recognize, Retain and Reward your users with Gamification.

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Overview of BigDoor

BigDoor Deepens engagement, builds loyalty, and drives social advocacy.

BigDoor’s fully white-labeled loyalty program helps brands establish ongoing, valuable relationships with their users. Through directed user behavior and investing in customer experience, your brand can build loyal communities that advocate on your behalf.

If you’re looking to encourage specific customer actions, BigDoor offers a loyalty campaign product that helps brands move customers towards high-value tasks, with an easy way to reward users once the action is complete.

Offering 2 types of engagement:

First, Loyalty Campaigns for driving specific points of engagement on a site to help brands create a reciprocal, valuable relationship with their users. Our Loyalty Campaign is easy to implement and fully customized to match your brand. You can encourage high-value actions, entice users to advocate on your behalf, and reward users for their activity.

Second, a full featured Loyalty Program that is white-label and can be customized to your every need. BigDoor partners (loyalty program purchasers) get access to a team of implementation specialists, as well as development resources to ensure your program is up and running smoothly. BigDoor also run ongoing performance reports, suggest program improvements, and are on call for all your loyalty program needs.

Unique Features of BigDoor

Low Entry Cost, No Setup Fees.

Only one on the market with RAMP* up technology, program A/B testing, built in cohort development. Offers a robust API, and are cross-device compatible.

*RAMP allows BigDoor the ability to iteratively roll out their rewards program by controlling the percent of exposed users through its admin tools. Measuring lift and A/B testing is made simple by RAMP which automatically creates a randomly selected control group for comparison to the exposed group in order to accurately determine actual performance lift and return on investment.

Features checked in BigDoor

  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Accounts
  • Customer Profiling
  • Discount Management
  • Gift Card System
  • Mailing List Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Membership Management
  • Mobile App
  • POS Integration
  • Rewards Management
  • Social Integration

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