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SaaS Analytics for Stripe

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Overview of Baremetrics

Baremetrics provides metrics and analytics for SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies that use Stripe to process payments.

With one click you connect your Stripe account and then receive dozens of valuable metrics with no setup.

Unique Features of Baremetrics

Learn more about each and every customer. Find out their LTV, MRR and more along with their entire history with you!

We can send daily, weekly & monthly email reports and notifications to you and your team automatically, so you’re always in the loop with your business.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Net Revenue
  • Average Revenue Per User
  • Failed Charges
  • Lifetime Value
  • Total Fees
  • Revenue Growth Rate
  • Refunds
  • User Churn
  • Active Customers
  • Customer Growth Rate
  • Annual Run Rate
  • Cancelled Accounts
  • ARPU Growth Rate 

Features checked in Baremetrics

  • Campaign Insights
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Customer Profiles
  • Email Reports & Notifications
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Restaurant Metrics
  • Retail Metrics
  • SaaS Metics
  • Sales Summary
  • Sales by Time of Day
  • Track Best Customers

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Specifications for Baremetrics


$29 - $249 per Month

Operating Systems





Baremetrics can also be integrated with a lot of third-party platforms & apps.