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Complete sales & marketing CRM for small businesses.


An award-winning contact and sales management system for SMB’s.

2-Way Email Integration
Bulk Email Sending
Calendar Management
Calls Automatically Tracked
Contacts, Leads & Opportunities
Customer Portal
Ecommerce Integration
Email Templates
Interaction Tracking
Task Management
Track Email Link Clicks
Track Email Opens

Free - $80 / Month


$15 - $90 per month

Operating Systems
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Agile CRM is a complete sales & marketing CRM for small businesses. 

It has all you need – contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, appointment scheduling, telephony, 2 way emails, real time activity alerts and much more.

With Agile, small business owners can now:

  • Attract prospects with landing pages, social engagement 
  • Track and Score leads automatically based on web activity 
  • Nurture and convert them with automated and targeted multi-channel campaigns 
  • Communicate directly from Agile with 2 way emails and calls - And, even manage customer payments and provide support

Onepage is a web-based sales management application that increases sales by building-in a sales method.

Who is it for?

Aimed at smb, our users are busy managers/staff juggling with the multiple functions of running a business.

Why is it useful to smb?

Existing crm systems are over-kill for smb needs, leading to user frustration. We make their sales function "as easy to use as email".

Sales pipeline and contact management

All your contacts and sales information in one place

Almost zero-admin sales

Focus on the next action of each prospect to deliver results

Bullet-proof follow-up system

Ensuring you never drop the ball with a prospect

Unique Features & Benefits

Process Centric

Agile creates new tasks automatically for your team based on customizable workflow rules


Make, receive and record calls with industry-leading telephony features

Deal Milestones

Manage multiple deal tracks and deal stages in your pipeline to close more sales

Appointment Scheduling

Automate your meetings and eliminate no-shows with Agile's online scheduling system

Eye-candy Reports

Canvass your business performance with insightful team reports & advanced graphical metrics


Gamify your sales with leaderboards and email reports

Increase sales

  • "next action" system encourages upfront sales decisions
  • Clear and simple sales targets and deal performance page
  • Unique contact system for sales activity (no dead list of contacts)

Save time and money

  • Clever design ensures less time on admin and more on sales
  • Easily accessible contact details, notes and deals
  • Retain more customers by staying on top of sales decisions

Manage contacts

  • Keep all your business contacts in one focused and secure place.
  • Tag and filter contacts with multiple user generated tags
  • Quickly see which contacts don’t have any associated action

Improve focus on what's important

  • Shortlist by contact status, custom filters or user tags e.g vips
  • Timed and action-driven focus on what needs to be done
  • Morning email with list of today’s sales actions

Other Sheets

  • Sales targets
  • Deals pipeline
  • Morning email with sales actions and targets
  • Tag, tag and tag again
  • Google apps integration

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